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Do You Want To Date My Corvette?

Is it just me or does every Corvette driver (and yes, some Mercedes and others, too) think they are entitled to your undivided attention and that every woman just has to be in absolute awe when sitting right next to them at a stop light?  Case in point yesterday again:  Yellow Corvette stops next to me and out of the corner of my eyes behind my sunglasses I can see guy in yellow Corvette making all kinds of attempts for attention from Nissan driving disinterested woman (me) to the point of blowing his horn several times when getting frustrated by lack of acknowledgement.  How dare she doesn’t look at me when I’m sitting here in this beautiful Corvette?

Well, I have news for you:  A lot of us stopped a long time ago doing anything but looking straight forward when waiting at a light.  There are just too many yellow Corvettes with attitudes out there.  🙂

No, I don’t want to date your Corvette!

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Meet A Woman My Age

STOP!!!!  Before you glance over thinking this is just another feminist rant.  It’s not, I promise!  Are you ready for this?


We really do!  However, after a long journey involving many detours, U-turns, heading in the wrong direction, stuck in traffic, being involved in minor fender benders and crashes with total loss and some bruises, taking the wrong exit now and then, and not paying attention to big flashing danger signs, we have finally arrived at our final destination:


We are 35, 45, 55, 65 ….. We are single, married, divorced, in or out of a relationship.  We are fit and healthy, sexy and happy, independent and confident, passionate lovers and wonderful partners, looking and feeling great …..


You won’t hear us asking the question that was oh, so important in our earlier years “Does this make me look fat?”  Instead, we embrace and accentuate our natural beauty.  You won’t find us sitting next to the phone for days waiting for any little sign, like a phone call, that you’re the least bit interested in us.  We may actually pick up the phone ourselves after a long enough waiting period to call you, or wait to return your call, just to drive YOU a little crazy for a change, and only if it’s worth it.  Otherwise:  NEXT!!!  And what about the question dreaded by so many men around the world “Do you love me?”  You may never hear us asking you that question, or at least not as often as we did in our earlier years.  We may actually pay attention to your actions to see whether they show the love and respect we deserve because we’re just not willing to settle for less anymore.  Been there, done that, didn’t like it.  And don’t be surprised to find out that “Making Love” is okay sometimes, but other times we may just want to have “Wild Sex.”

Bottom line:  We know what we want, are passionate about life and it shows!


Watch this little video clip if you need a motivational fix today    🙂

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Just because …..

Sometimes I wonder whether men and women really suit each other.  Maybe they should live next to each other and just visit now and then. — Katherine Hepburn   🙂

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De-stress at Work!

When speaking with a lady who was very stressed out about a situation at work involving one of her co-workers, I was reminded of a similar situation I was faced with in my very first job after coming to the US from Germany in 1991.  Working in an office environment that I didn’t care much for to begin with, there was this one lady in particular who seemed to be filled with negativity, tried to pull others down and constantly seemed to engage in vicious rumors, etc.  At some point I became the subject of her interest and thinking back, that coincided with me having daily headaches before I even got to work, just thinking about what I would be confronted with that particular day.  All I can say is that it was a nightmare to the point that I decided to quit my job when things got worse.  I remember specifically that on my very last day at that job, I was driving home and all of a sudden I felt as though the weight that had been on my shoulders (and the headache) had instantly disappeared.  As a by-product of that experience, I knew exactly what kind of environment I definitely did not want to work in again and decided that I wanted to work for myself  🙂  and have been happy with that decision ever since.  You may know one (or sometimes more than one) of those  “toxic co-workers.”  If the situation is really bad and affects your health and sanity, you may want to consider to leave that particular work environment (as I did).  A constant source of stress in your life can have an adverse effect on your health and it seems to me that no job is worth that.  If you want to remain in your current job despite this particular situation, at the very least:


….as much as you can.  Realize that there are negative people (and that applies to your private life as well) who will go out of their way to spread negativity, try to tear people down, stab people in the back, etc.  There can be many reasons why some people are like that.  One thing most of them have in common is a general feeling of being unhappy with their own lives.  Rather surround yourself with positive and supportive people.

By the way:  If you think you are that “toxic co-worker,” and would like to be more positive, happy and content, why don’t you visit my website  and click on  “Don’t Worry, Be Happy!”  for some simple ideas on how to become a positive and happy person?   🙂

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Just because …..

The reason Angels can fly is because they take themselves so lightly. — Unknown

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Sexy Arms

A lot of us aren’t genetically predispositioned to have toned and sexy arms.  Combine that with the loss of skin elasticity as we age and it’s really a double whammy.  There’s good news, however.  With a little persistence you will be able to get shapely, toned and sexy arms.  The first thing to emphasize here is regular cardio workout of at least 30 minutes on most days of the week (treadmill, exercise bike, brisk walk, jogging).  This will help you with losing fat all over your body.  In conjunction with the cardio workout, experts suggest strength training with appropriate weights for your fitness level on 2-3 days a week targeting each muscle group.
I found the following two exercises to be very effective in combating the flab on the upper arms and giving your arms the well-toned and sexy look you desire.  If you are persistent, you will notice positive changes after a relatively short time.

Hold 1-2 pounds dumbbells in each hand, raise arms to shoulder level and start punching up to 50 times.  After a few weeks, do two sets of up to 50 punches and increase it to three sets after yet another few weeks.  Increase weight a little over time as well.

Hold your hands next to your ears, holding 5-10 pounds dumbbells, elbows to the side.  Raise weights up and then straight back down.  Start out with two sets of 12 repetitions and add a third set after a few weeks. 


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Massage – Better Than Sex

Oh, this is just too funny.  On one of my favorite radio shows they were talking about people who found things to do that make them feel better than having sex, from hiking to shopping to eating.  Of course as a massage therapist I hear often “This feels better than sex!”  That statement comes mostly from women  🙂  and as the following little clip I put on Youtube implies, for men it’s usually “almost as good as sex.”  🙂  Click here to watch “Massage – Better Than Sex”

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“Can You Massage Away My Cellulite?”

One question I get frequently from women, and it happened again yesterday with a new client, is “Can you massage away the cellulite on my thighs?”  And a lot of times, I just smile and respond “If I could do that, I’d be a millionaire!”  Naturally, most of the women asking have nearly no cellulite to begin with.  🙂
While it is true that almost every woman has at least a little cellulite (mostly on her thighs), the amount tends to increase as women gain weight.  The reason for that is that the connective tissue holding the fat cells together is very inflexible and making it therefore possible for fat cells, as they are expanding, to bulge upwards, giving the skin the well known orange-peel look.  This appearance is very rare in men as they have generally less fat and their skin is also thicker.
As with everything else, there are a lot of “Miracle” lotions and therapies out there and it certainly is a big market for the cosmetics industry.  But if you do a little research, you will find out that results are generally “inconclusive” at best.
Here is a general rule if you want to have better looking thighs with less visible cellulite, maybe even to the point where it’s almost non-existent:

As I explained, the appearance of cellulite gets worse as women gain weight.  So in order to shrink the fat cells, improve your eating habits by choosing food that is healthier and lower in fat content and improve your physical activity by doing some form of exercise (the easiest one is to just start walking) for about 30 minutes on most days of the week.  Once you get started on implementing a few minor changes to your current lifestyle, you’ll be amazed at the results.  Not only will your cellulite not be as prominent, but you will tone your entire body, and you will notice that you have more energy and generally feel better.  And that’s a good thing! 🙂
By the way:  Even though I always chuckle when I hear the request to just “massage away” the cellulite, there is some truth to it:  When massaging the thighs, circulation is increased and especially women who get regular massages will notice over time that their thighs may look better.  However, as a general rule you have to shrink your fat cells and exercise for the cellulite  to decrease over time.


Watch this funny little video clip  “Secrets of a Massage Therapist”   🙂

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