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De-stress at Work!

When speaking with a lady who was very stressed out about a situation at work involving one of her co-workers, I was reminded of a similar situation I was faced with in my very first job after coming to the US from Germany in 1991.  Working in an office environment that I didn’t care much for to begin with, there was this one lady in particular who seemed to be filled with negativity, tried to pull others down and constantly seemed to engage in vicious rumors, etc.  At some point I became the subject of her interest and thinking back, that coincided with me having daily headaches before I even got to work, just thinking about what I would be confronted with that particular day.  All I can say is that it was a nightmare to the point that I decided to quit my job when things got worse.  I remember specifically that on my very last day at that job, I was driving home and all of a sudden I felt as though the weight that had been on my shoulders (and the headache) had instantly disappeared.  As a by-product of that experience, I knew exactly what kind of environment I definitely did not want to work in again and decided that I wanted to work for myself  🙂  and have been happy with that decision ever since.  You may know one (or sometimes more than one) of those  “toxic co-workers.”  If the situation is really bad and affects your health and sanity, you may want to consider to leave that particular work environment (as I did).  A constant source of stress in your life can have an adverse effect on your health and it seems to me that no job is worth that.  If you want to remain in your current job despite this particular situation, at the very least:


….as much as you can.  Realize that there are negative people (and that applies to your private life as well) who will go out of their way to spread negativity, try to tear people down, stab people in the back, etc.  There can be many reasons why some people are like that.  One thing most of them have in common is a general feeling of being unhappy with their own lives.  Rather surround yourself with positive and supportive people.

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