Meet A Woman My Age

STOP!!!!  Before you glance over thinking this is just another feminist rant.  It’s not, I promise!  Are you ready for this?


We really do!  However, after a long journey involving many detours, U-turns, heading in the wrong direction, stuck in traffic, being involved in minor fender benders and crashes with total loss and some bruises, taking the wrong exit now and then, and not paying attention to big flashing danger signs, we have finally arrived at our final destination:


We are 35, 45, 55, 65 ….. We are single, married, divorced, in or out of a relationship.  We are fit and healthy, sexy and happy, independent and confident, passionate lovers and wonderful partners, looking and feeling great …..


You won’t hear us asking the question that was oh, so important in our earlier years “Does this make me look fat?”  Instead, we embrace and accentuate our natural beauty.  You won’t find us sitting next to the phone for days waiting for any little sign, like a phone call, that you’re the least bit interested in us.  We may actually pick up the phone ourselves after a long enough waiting period to call you, or wait to return your call, just to drive YOU a little crazy for a change, and only if it’s worth it.  Otherwise:  NEXT!!!  And what about the question dreaded by so many men around the world “Do you love me?”  You may never hear us asking you that question, or at least not as often as we did in our earlier years.  We may actually pay attention to your actions to see whether they show the love and respect we deserve because we’re just not willing to settle for less anymore.  Been there, done that, didn’t like it.  And don’t be surprised to find out that “Making Love” is okay sometimes, but other times we may just want to have “Wild Sex.”

Bottom line:  We know what we want, are passionate about life and it shows!


Watch this little video clip if you need a motivational fix today    🙂


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  1. swissknifev said

    It was candid and refreshing without any bull crap. It sounded as honest as honest can be. However. to meet a beautiful woman like it’s worth matching up to every demand. A tough road to tread – yes- but who said beautiful women were easy to handle anyway? And those who say aren’t here with us mortals. they are in their abodes at Hollywood. Strangely, I find beautiful women feel a insecure about themselves, as far as relationships are concerned. I use to think that they had a sense of arrogance and confidence about choosing guys. then I realized it was NOT arrogance but a feeling of insecurity. Because they would never know if a guy liked them for their beauty or their existence as a person.
    They seem to say, ” Do you like me or my body?” So in the process of testing I found they come out as haughty – but it’s plain self defense. It’s tough on guys because 1. We get the feeling that there’s a huge price on our head and we better match up the price tag mad 2. Even if we are genuinely nice they still have their doubts. The beautiful gal isn’t still sure whether we are the lambs we look like or whether we are wolves underneath the fluffy and cute skin.

    There’s yet another problem. I feel ( I really hope that I’m terribly wrong) that the bad guys seem to attract a woman more. The mean rake seems to turn them into doormats. To test this lousy theory I did get into a bad guy mode – as a research to know the truth – sadly, it worked, most of the time .

    Normally, I love women and I’m naturally nice. Even professionally I am what I am because of women. Women bosses are so demanding that if you can match up to their taste – that’s an automatic certificate of quality. Women have a civilizing effect on a guy. BUT- when it comes to carnal chemistry – it’s the wild wild wolf that fascinates them.

    I call it the magnetics of the mean.

    For the moment I’ll by what a woman said once upon a time: What a woman wants it the body of a beast and the gentleness of a child.

    And I thought that the famous story of the beauty and the beast had some strange insight to the whole thing.

    I’m still learning. Ready to stand corrected.

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