Letter To My Fellow White Women

Somebody told me the other day that some of you may consider voting for the Republican ticket this time, even though McCain/Palin stand opposed to everything that most of you believe in.  Maybe you’re disappointed that Hillary didn’t win the Democratic nomination or simply because McCain made a cynical decision to put a woman on the ticket.  I said, no, I just can’t believe that.  Women would not give up their core principles and risk four more years of another anti-woman presidency.  We’ve come too far to go back.

But, just in case you are wavering between voting for Obama/Biden or McCain/Palin, here are a few important points that should make your choice very easy:

1.  McCain/Palin are against a woman’s right to choose.  I repeat:  McCain/Palin are against “Choice.”  Obama/Biden are both pro-choice.  In Palin’s case (and she is the woman in this race), it’s even worse:  She is against a woman’s right to choose, even in case of incest or rape.  Just think this through for a minute.  If she had her way (and as vice president or president she will), a girl or woman whose pregnancy resulted from a rape or incest, would be forced to have that baby.
Now, why is this important?  The next president will nominate at a minimum three justices to the Supreme Court.  At this point, all of the justices in question are on the pro-choice side.  That means if McCain/Palin will be in the White House, those justices (according to McCain himself) will be very conservative and strict constructionists.  These are code words for turning back the clock on all the progress that has been made over the past generation on every issue, but especially will put a woman’s right to choose in jeopardy.  It is a scary prospect.  So, if you want to preserve that right for yourself and your daughter, you absolutely can not vote for McCain/Palin on that point alone.

2.  McCain/Palin are against equal pay for women doing the same work as their male counterparts.  Obama/Biden support equal pay.  Think about this:  We have been fighting for so long to get to that point eventually, but we’re still not quite there.  Right now, the average pay a woman receives is about 68% of her male counterpart’s salary doing exactly the same work.  Think about that:  McCain and Palin (the woman in this race) both support that and their policies will continue this injustice.  I wonder whether Palin would agree to be paid 68% of Cheney’s salary?   🙂  Obama and Biden will pursue policies that will narrow that gap and hopefully eventually close it.

3.  If you want to know what somebody will do, look at what they’ve done in the past.  We already know from their past actions, that Obama will be an advocate for women at every level and McCain will not.  But what about past actions by their VP picks?  As mayor of Wasilla, a town of a few thousand, Palin cut funds for rape kits.  As a result, a woman who was raped, was billed the amount (between $500 and $1,200) for a rape kit that was necessary to have a thorough examination after having gone through a horrifying and traumatizing event to begin with.  Just pause for a second and think about that.  This action alone shows that she is insensitive to the needs of women and will not be an advocate for them.  To give this an extra twist, Joe Biden presented a bill preventing towns like Wasilla from going forward with this practice.  Well, you ought to think that this should garner a 100-0 vote, but it didn’t, and who do you think was among the people opposing this law?  You guessed it:  John McCain.  You can’t make it up!  It’s just really, really sad.  By the way:  Joe Biden has been a staunch advocate for women throughout his entire career and that means he will continue to be as VP.  He was the author of the “Violence Against Women Act” which became law and was signed by President Clinton (another man), giving women who are victims of domestic violence rights that they didn’t have before.  That law alone has had a huge positive impact on a lot of women’s lives who find themselves in these terrible situations.

Here’s the bottom line:  Sometimes men just simply are the better advocates for women.   🙂



  1. Good Morning America was talking about the increased white female voter support for McCain/Palin, yesterday, and I had a similar thought…”that can’t be right.” Do people really not look at the facts, and judge soley on sex or race or appearance?! (Which they do, since typically the best looking candidate becomes President…and lucky for us, it happens to be Obama)

    I’m glad someone is making an effort to educate her fellow female voters.

  2. cjw666 said

    Oh, I do agree, sometimes men are better advocates for women’s rights than other women. But I don’t think that’s because they’re men. In my view it’s just because one individual (male or female) is more decent than another individual (male or female). If we could just all get that into our thick skulls, a whole lot of problems would start to melt away. Black, white, pink with purple spots, male, female, straight, gay, married, single, dating, not dating, religious, not religious – what does ANY of that matter? It’s simply the person and his or her policies that matter. Nothing else!

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