Bill, What In The World Are You Thinking?


So, what’s the deal now?  We’re getting a little ticked off at your behavior lately.  What in the world are you thinking?  We have defended you for years during and after the dreadful impeachment, only to see you now trying to sabotage Barack Obama’s historic candidacy?

During the primaries when you exhibited some strange behavior, you already lost some good will, do you really want to squander the rest?  Despite your questionable actions during the primaries, we embraced and celebrated you at the convention when you seemed to come around but your recent statements make us wonder about your sincerity.  On several occasions now you not only failed to embrace Barack Obama fully as our nominee but, when given the chance, sometimes repeatedly, to state that you thought he was qualified to be president, you basically refused to do so.  Those are really actions by a small man.  Believe it or not, there is room in the Democratic party for a great former and a great future president.  Those two things are not mutually exclusive.  And then the other day, when prompted in an interview whether you could offer the same praise to Barack Obama as you have lavished on John McCain again and again, you couldn’t get yourself to do so, again.

If you can’t show Barack Obama the respect he deserves, why don’t you go ahead and officially endorse John McCain and get it over with?  Then you can hold hands with our former vice presidential candidate Joe Lieberman who has already done so and everybody will know once and for all that you’re not putting country first, but yourself, just like your new best friend John McCain.

Of course, forget about what’s left of our good will and your legacy ….. 



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  2. cjw666 said

    There are, I think, two things you have to wonder…

    Firstly and most worryingly: Does Bill know something we don’t that makes him scared of Obama? It might be just one (serious) issue that he feels unable to endorse, because most of us vote that way – AGAINST the one thing we really can’t stomach!

    The second thing is: Is it fair to ask a man to endorse the guy who’s just beaten his wife if he thinks he’s a good chap – especially when he probably thinks America SHOULD have chosen Hilary, just as I do. As far as I’m concerned, Obama, Biden, McCain, Palin (and especially Bush) NONE of them are even in the same league as Hilary Clinton.

    Of course, as a third possibility – he might not be putting country first, as you say, since a McCain victory would make it MUCH more likely that his wife will be the next Democratic candidate in four years time – but then, hey, she IS his wife and maybe either a) he’s a lot more loyal and in love than many have given him credit for, or b) he’s shit scared of her (I would be!) 🙂

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