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Just because …..

The average woman would rather have beauty than brains, because the average man can see better than he can think. — Unknown   🙂

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This Is Roberto, My FB!

So, I’m at one of my clients’ house the other day, putting my massage table together.  My client B. is a business woman in her sixties and has been getting massages from me for a few years now.  While I was busy packing my things, the door bell rang and she asked me to get it.  I opened the door and looked at a young stud in tight shirt and jeans, couldn’t have been older than 25.  He greeted me with a broad smile “Hi!” and walked in as though he had been to B.’s place before.  Trying to figure out who in the world this could be, I watched him walking over to her and giving her a kiss on her cheek.  B. must have noticed the puzzled and clueless expression on my face when telling me “Oh, Andrea, this is Roberto, my FB!”  And I saw Roberto looking at me with another big smile on his face.  All I could say was “Oh, okay.  Nice to meet you.”  And with that I left those two to themselves.  I guess he was there to massage something else …..   :-).  While driving to my next appointment, I was thinking to myself that you just never know.  I had no idea that B. even knew the term FB (F**k Buddy), let alone would have one.   🙂

Well, as you can imagine, she was eager to give me an explanation when I saw her for her next appointment.  “Well, I decided a long time ago that I just don’t want to be bothered with the soap opera a relationship brings with it.  I really have neither time nor patience for that anymore.  So, I decided just to have a FB from time to time.  I appreciate him and he appreciates my generosity, and to tell you the truth, I’m loving it!  Works well for everybody involved.  Heck, men have been doing it forever!”  I remember smiling at her “confession” and telling her “Good for you!  You go girl!”  I filed this under “Things that make you go ‘Huh?’ ”   🙂

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