McCain Hiding Behind Two Skirts

Shameful and Disgusting

Well, John, now you’re hiding behind not one, but two skirts.  For some time we have seen folksy Sarah doing the dirty work for you by inciting hatred at your KKK rallies and now your wife Cindy is joining the ranks and you are just standing in the background smiling like a fool.


Cindy, darling, next time you accuse Barack Obama of voting to cut off funds for your son who is serving in Iraq, why don’t you mention that your husband, just two months prior, also voted against funding the troops.  The only difference:  Barack Obama cast his vote because that particular bill did not include a timeline for troop withdrawal and your husband cast his vote because that particular bill had a timeline for troop withdrawal.  We realize that little unimportant things like facts and truth don’t matter to the McCain/Palin campaign, but let me assure you, they matter to most everybody else.


Message to John:  Why don’t you go mano-a-mano with Barack during the final debate and show that you indeed have cojones (be it small ones), if you can bring yourself to look ‘THAT ONE’ in the eye and ask him directly why he is ‘palling around with terrorists’?  Maybe that way you can restore some of your manhood you have lost over the past few weeks.   🙂

By the way:  Is the Secret Service investigating the threats being made at the McCain/Palin KKK rallies?  Just checking.  




  1. cjw666 said

    The KKK is like any other terrorist organisation – full or self righteous nuts using religion as an excuse for being an asshole. It doesn’t seem to me that McCain has any room to talk about terrorists.

  2. Dan said

    On YouTube: “McCain gets “testy” with a veteran about the G.I.Bill” – – “Why Veterans are NOT voting for McCain” – – “The ‘shocking’ videos that John McCain doesn’t want you to see” – – Viet Nam Veterans AGAINST McCain” – “McCains FACTUAL Voting Military Record” – – did you know that John McCain was on active duty for 20 hours, and the medals he received add up to 1 1/2 medals an hour??? Did you know about John McCain trashing 3 jets, one of which was on the USS Forrestal killing 79 personnel w/ about the same ‘missing’??? – – See what Phillip Burton, a fellow prisoner of war with John McCain has to say about McCain: “He is not fit to be President of the United States because he is too VOLITILE!” – – Why (on YouTube) do veterans call John McCain “Song Bird” – is it because he made ’32’ anti-American tapes fot the Viet Cong when he was a prisoner??? Did you know that John McCain was “5th” from the bottom of his class in Annapolis???

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