Desperately Seeking: Non-Crazy Conservatives!

“Sarah Palin represents a fatal cancer to the Republican party.” — David Brooks, conservative columnist in a speech decrying Palin’s anti-intellectualism and comparing her to Pres. Bush.
Stock Market on October 9, 2008 – Not a pretty picture


After several weeks of volatility in the financial markets, yesterday, October 9, 2008, represented another milestone with the DOW losing almost 700 points.  So naturally, there’s only one thing on everybody’s mind ….. yes, you guessed it ….. Bill Ayers!


Message to John and Sarah:  Besides your racist and nutjob supporters,


We are too busy trying to survive out here.  Listening to these two clowns, I’m sitting here asking myself:  Besides David Brooks and very few others,


If you don’t want to spend the next few years (or decades) after this election trying to rebuild a completely destroyed and decimated Republican party, the time to take a stand, show spine, and speak out is  NOW!  How in the world can you in good conscience sit on the sidelines and watch your party being taken over by racists, religious extremists and nutjobs?  And if you look deep down into your soul, aren’t you just a little ashamed to be associated with an erratic, grumpy old man and his looney sidekick inciting such a crazy mob?  I have a feeling that if you don’t speak out now, history will not be kind to you or the Republican party.

Not that we particularly care about your self-inflicted downfall.  We will be busy celebrating the more and more likely


You betcha!


  1. Don’t count your chickens. There is still scope for McCain to win.

    At some point in the next month, “economy meltdown fatigue” may take over and people will then be talking about something else.

    Obama must be positioning his campaign now to ensure that he is in control of the narrative by then.

  2. pacer521 said

    I wrote a post on relatively the same topic — far rights and far lefts as well. I think you might find it interesting:

  3. Jeff Dulaney said

    The McCain campaign didn’t make an error. They were provoking the sort of “rally” that they got. When you make certain statements to certain people you have to expect certain things to happen. If Obama waged his war with the race card as McCain has you’d see black people doing the same thing. Luckily Obama isn’t that ignorant. As far as Palin goes, she’s a lying unethical business woman, but I guess the title “republican” should have summed that up for you. The McCain, Palin ticket on a whole is a joke. If Obama were white this wouldn’t even be an election, it’d be a political massacre. Hopefully on election day people will go into the booth honest with themselves and make desicions based on fact and not their grandparents mythology that somehow all black people are scary and horrible. Hell, white people would be pissed if black people killed all of their leaders, segregated them out of wealth in neighborhoods without highways, jobs or banks effectively making them the life battery for the middle class.

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