Things Hanging From A Rear View Mirror

Okay, will somebody please explain this picture to me:  While waiting at a stop light right behind a pickup truck, I noticed something hanging from the guy’s rear view mirror.  At first glance it looked like some type of Christmas decoration.  But the second look revealed a pair of brass balls, cojones, or whatever name you like, dangling right next to the guy’s head.  In this part of the country you are confronted with all kinds of things but this was a first for me.   🙂

Now, while chuckling at the sight of these enormous testicles, I was wondering about the message he wanted to send:

a)  I wish I had a pair this big!
b)  My wife cut them off and all I can do is drive around next to them and insist that they are really mine!
c)  Redneck Christmas decoration
d)  Compensation for a small penis
e)  I don’t need a gun rack with my pickup truck, thank you very much, I have a pair of steel balls!
f)  Hey girls, see what you’re missing! ….. Same thing I’m missing!
g)  I entered a contest to be a Chippendale dancer and all I got was a pair of these!
h)  You may not like the look of them, but they have a wonderful scent!

Any suggestions?   🙂

I have yet to wait for the day when a woman decides to display a pair of fake boobs dangling from her rear view mirror.

By the way:  For the brass ball lovers among you and for everybody else who would like to view a gallery of shiny testicles in various colors and sizes in pure amazement, I found this website .



  1. jim said

    you are so funny. Actually the guy has no balls and he is either a homo or wants something he never has had. Either way he isn’t a real man. Most men areant. They allow others to manipulate them and have no true opinion or independent mind.

    Are you searching for a pair of hanging boobs or a real man? lol

  2. CJ said

    Alternative meaning suggestion: Look what I talk a lot of! 🙂

  3. swissknifev said

    Logically, it could be this:

    1. He’s hanging it because it gives him a kick

    2. Now that kick could either be sentimental or weird. Logically it has to be weird.

    3. I’m sure from to point wherever he gets down or gets in some loader guy ( Being a pick up van) is bound to ask his about this wonderful contraption he’s hanging in his van. So, he’s not discreet about it and he’s displaying it with pleasure.

    4. Which means he’s making a statement that’s impressing the shit out of everyone.
    5. Obviously it’s his sense of humor at work evoking a lot peer-trucker jokes and bonhomie. So what’s he trying to say?

    ” Man I got the Bs!”

  4. swissknifev said

    Wow wOW wow wow WOW WOW WOW

    I’m drunk on beer today…

    Guten Tag Frau Anrea. Mien Nam isht swissknife.

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