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Message From WORLD: ‘We Are All Obamas Now!’

‘Voters said no to incompetence and divisiveness and elbowed their way past the blight of racism that has been such a barrier to progress for so long.  Barack Obama won the state of North Carolina, for crying out loud.  The nation deserves to take a bow.  This is not the same place it used to be.’ — Bob Herbert, Columnist

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‘Obviously, a lot of shelter dogs are mutts, like me.’   🙂  —  Barack Obama discussing which dog to get for his two girls.

Don’t you also feel the calm that has set in since election day?  A lot of people seem to have smiles on their faces, no matter how bad their personal situation is, because now there’s hope.  Or as Jon Stewart joked on the ‘Daily Show:’  ‘People walking around in New York, smiling and trying to make eye contact, are making me nervous.’   🙂

By now, most everybody here has probably seen the expressions of joy at Obama’s victory from people all over the world and realized that most everybody in other countries hoped for an Obama victory as well.  Everybody just wants America to return to the promise of being a beacon of hope again.

The following is very personal anecdotal evidence of how things have started to change in an instant on election night.  My friend M. has been traveling to Europe for business pretty frequently over the past decade or so and found himself overseas on election day as well (of course he voted early   🙂 ).  I remember him telling me of situations after Bush got elected in 2000 and even worse, after he got re-elected in 2004, where he found himself being questioned by people overseas like this ‘How in the world could America have elected such an idiot?’  M., after trying to explain that about half of America, including himself, did not vote for Bush, finally gave up, frankly, because he was tired of trying to explain the unexplainable. So he took the easy way out most of the time and answered when asked whether he was American ‘No, I’m Canadian,’ and with that avoiding heated discussions.

Now, M. was of course aware that most all of Europe, as the rest of the world, was wishing for an Obama victory and he told me of amazing scenes where Europeans celebrated Obama’s victory as much as people did in the streets of America.  What really impressed him, though, were his personal experiences.  He told me about the woman behind the counter in a little bakery, who after he took a chance when asked whether he was American by saying ‘Yes, I am.  And proud of it today!’ coming around to him, embracing him, and giving him a kiss on his forehead with the words ‘We’re so proud of you and Obama!’  And he mentioned quite a few instances like that and ended his email with this


….. Ditto!   🙂

Over the past few days I have read numerous stories like that from Americans overseas and have seen people from all continents, with very diverse backgrounds and faiths, being overjoyed by what has happened in America and we all should be very proud!

You know what was missing?  I didn’t see anybody burning American flags anywhere ….. And that’s a good thing!   🙂


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‘God gave men both a penis and a brain, but unfortunately not enough blood supply to run both at the same time!’ — Robin Williams     🙂

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