Bush: The Buck Stops Over There

Harry Truman:       ‘The Buck Stops Here’
George W. Bush:     ‘The Buck Stops Over There’


While listening to George W. Bush’s interview with Charlie Gibson, his first in a series of interviews obviously intended to rewrite history, I couldn’t help but thinking that he sounded like an alcoholic or drug addict, blaming everything going wrong on others.  And, of course, that comparison is not far off, as we know.  It was really astonishing to listen to a man, the 43rd President of these United States, putting blame for all the well known failures of his failed presidency on everybody else but himself.  Am I missing something here?  What happened to ‘I’m the Decider!’ and ‘I’m the Commander-Guy!’ ?

Are we in the ‘Twilight Zone’?  He’s obviously counting on the American public’s well known short attention span.  But that short?  How in the world does he think we’ve already forgotten the mess he and his cronies have gotten us into, while we’re still in the middle of it?

No, George, the past eight years were pure hell for most people:  People who didn’t like the fact that they were lied into an unnecessary war; the dead soldiers, their families and Iraqi civilians; Katrina victims; people who lost their jobs, health care, homes, dignity, substantial amounts of money or their pensions; people who disapprove of torture and who care about civil liberties; people who are concerned about the hateful political climate in this country and the loss of respect around the world thanks to the undertakings of your administration; and on and on and on …..

Let me lay it out for you in simple terms:


At this point, most everybody just wants you to disappear to Crawford, TX, on a long vacation, until, let me just pick a date at random:  01/20/2009, which will mark the inauguration of Barack Obama who then will have to deal with the complete mess you have left this country in.  And please, take Cheney and your entire cabinet with you, so that you can’t mess up things even more.

And in reference to you not caring about what history will think about you and your presidency, because ‘we’ll all be dead then,’ let me assure you that your legacy will be carried forward from one generation to another and it won’t be forgotten.  You can be absolutely sure of that.  It will go like this:  Yes, grandson, we had the worst possible president during my lifetime.  Somebody who was totally unqualified to hold that office and who left the country in absolute chaos, so keep that in mind when you are old enough to vote!

COUNTDOWN  TO  01/20/2009 …..


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