Didn’t you also have a warm and fuzzy feeling in your heart when watching the wonderful reception President Obama and his lovely wife received all over Europe?  I certainly did…  And didn’t it feel good to see somebody on the international stage, who can speak in complete sentences, using correct grammar, is well respected, and knows the meaning of the word  ‘diplomacy’ … for a change … ?

Here’s a headline I saw in a European paper that pretty much sums it all up in my opinion:


Sure, there will be a lot of issues to deal with, and old and new problems to be solved, but I had the distinct feeling that other world leaders want President Obama to succeed, because they know that America’s success is directly linked to the success of their own countries ….. and they genuinely seem to like him ….. which is always helpful.  🙂

It was very interesting, to see even protesters who are fed up with the global financial crisis, expressing positive feelings about America under this new president’s leadership ….. and you know what was missing??  The burning of American flags or Bush’s effigy, etc.  And that’s a good thing …..  🙂

I think this was a very successful start to a changing American image in the world, and now we can build on that, and actually get things done in concert with other nations ….. now that’s a novel thought …..  🙂

I can’t help but looking at all this with a little smile on my face ….. and hope in my heart for better days ahead …..

Barack and Michelle:  We are very proud of you!  JOB  WELL  DONE !!!  🙂




  1. CJ said

    I do agree it makes such a pleasant change to have a world leader (any world leader) who is apparently intelligent, charismatic, charming and well enough educated to be able to string complete and understandable sentences together – seemingly all without reference to a thesaurus.

  2. swissknifev said

    What’s fantastic about Obama is the process of American democracy. America has come a long long way in being able to give opportunities to people who came to its soil,past the Statue of Liberty.She promised freedom, she promised liberty and she promised a chance to follow dreams that seemed impossible elsewhere. She placed one such dream called OBAMA on the pinnacle of American power.It also shows the magnanimity of the American people who could go beyond the color of skin. i suppose that’s why even Europe respects the new American president.

    It could have never happened in Europe. That’s why I love the Statue of Liberty. What a superb and magnificent symbol it is. And how many immigrants must have passed by her beautiful and kindly gaze. Henry Ford came from Ireland after his farms got wiped away in a potato crisis. they say he held two jobs -one for his family and one to produce the car of his dreams – the T-model. He’s an icon today. President Obama also owes his prestigious presidential power to the Statue of Liberty and what American democracy stands for. Yep! She’s the most liberal mom in the world.

  3. @swissknifev…

    How very well put… You have a beautiful way with words…are you a writer?

    And yes, I do agree with you that it would never be possible in Europe, at least not at this time, but I believe that Obama’s election will have an impact on many different fronts, not only here in the US, but in other parts of the world as well, and we are already seeing signs of that … He truly is a fellow ‘Citizen of the World’…. 🙂

    Have a good one… Hope all is well… 🙂


  4. swissknifev said

    Thank you so much Andrea. I suppose when you truly feel about something the expressions come out naturally. All is well. Recently i had fallen in love with a married woman. I have got out of it – 90%. I made a resolution that I’ll never fall in love again. But I did read a quote that gave me tremendous peace.

    It said, ‘ we spend so much time looking at a close door that we fail to notice a new one that’s opening’

    Then i told myself, ” Buddy! You’re being harsh on LOVE. Why kill love because of knee-jerk reactions?”

    LOVE is the best four lettered word that’s even sweet when bitter.
    ” Give it a chance jackass!”, said I to myself.
    Have a great day. You are kind and creative. That’s because you are the daughter of America. I love America.

  5. @swissknv…

    I am so happy that you have come to this point, and decided to look forward… Something real, true and beautiful may be just around the corner, but in order to appreciate it, you have to be ready for it… :-)… Sounds to me that you’re (almost–90%) ready… 🙂

    Good luck and all the best to you…

    Have a lovely day!


  6. swissknifev said


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