When Passion Takes Over …..


I don’t know about you…  but to me, passion is the essence of life.  If you don’t have passion for life, for the people around you, and for what you do, what is there really to live for?  It would be a boring life indeed!  As for myself, the following has become my guiding light

Life Is Too Short–So Kiss Slowly,
Laugh Insanely, Love Truly,
And Live With Passion

But what do you do when that very same passion takes over from time to time, and be truthful now, we’ve all had these moments  (some more than others   🙂  ), when we did or said something which we regretted instantly, the very moment we opened our mouths, or sent a letter.  Unfortunately, once it’s said, written, done, it can’t be reversed.  And then the passion that is usually an asset in your life, all of a sudden becomes a big negative, and you probably wish, at least for that moment, to be just a little more dispassionate…   :-).

Well, I’m a firm believer in the notion that things usually turn out the way they are supposed to.  We may not realize it at the time when something happens, why it happened, but as the saying goes…  ‘Everything happens for a reason.’

You may have been in a situation where you lost your job, and at the time, that was very difficult to deal with, and may have caused you hardship for awhile, but a lot of times, a new, better job or a career change for the better, may be just around the corner.  The same is true for so many other instances.

Then again, if it involves other people, and you’ve done or said something hurtful in the heat of passion, trying to sabotage a wonderful friendship or special love, and then you don’t have any way to take it back, it pretty much depends on the other person and the relationship the two of you have.  Here also, if it’s supposed to be, it will be.  And if not, it was never meant to be to begin with, and it was good that it happened, sparing you future headaches and heartaches.

If you found that special person who cares about you, gives you goose bumps, makes your heart beat faster, and makes you laugh, don’t let pride get in the way, no matter what happened!  Don’t let anything, be it a misunderstanding, argument, or anything else, become too important, believing you can’t get over it. Yes, you can…  If you really care about that person, it’s always worth it…

Because you may end up asking yourself for the rest of your life  ‘What if… he/she was the one?’  Believe me, you will…

Here’s another little saying

NEVER  give  up
On  someone  you  can’t
Go  a  day  without
Thinking  about

Just some food for thought…  Life is too short…     🙂


  1. swissknifev said

    What if life destroys the passion to look at a world of realitu?

  2. swissknifev said


  3. @ swissknifev:

    Thanks for your comment….
    That would be very sad, indeed, if someone lets that happen…


  4. Every single word is true and very well written

  5. CJ said

    Oh so perfectly put and I agree wholeheartedly with every word. Passion is, in the end, eveything.

    However (you knew I’d have a however, didn’t you?), you’ve left out one scenario that I (and I suspect many others) have no idea how to deal with – and I never did. What if, in the heat of passion, you say something nice that, at that moment is true, but in the cold light of the next day just isn’t? How many of us have said, “I love you,” and have meant it at the time, but known afterwards that is was only fleetingly true? Like the spiteful comment, you can’t take it back, but you really should, because otherwise you’re going to have to live a lie and that’s worse than anything.

    Still, as you say, passion is so-ooooo vital that the devil can take tomorrow, eh? (and he probably will!)

  6. CJ said

    PS: Why is that pisture so horny?

  7. CJ said

    picture – duh!

  8. swissknifev said

    Hi1 I want to use that typography quote on my site. The one which says ‘ Never give up on some you can’t go a day without thinking about. I think it’s nice.There’s a lot to think about in that. Sometimes it can be a problem. Suppose – say- the other person is married and you couldn’t help falling for her then what do you do? Integrity says she’s some one’s wife. Hard logic says it’s a one way street-no use. And then i’ll have to cut the relationship in cold blood.
    Then it happens that I still thinking of her every minute for the last six month.
    I have to give up. Right?

    But you have a fantastic point. Que sera sera whatever will be will be because it was so. But the heart sometimes is a sadist…

  9. @swissknifev:

    I think that’s a great quote, and it probably is true for many people who have experienced situations like you have, and can’t get that person out of their heads for anything….

    Every time you meet somebody who is married or otherwise committed, though, it’s usually an uphill battle, and you should be careful investing too many emotions, because the odds of somebody ending a marriage are just not that great, no matter what the situation is.

    As I said in my posting, if something is meant to be, it will be…maybe not tomorrow, next week, or next month, but eventually… And if it’s not meant to be, there’s usually a good reason for it…

    Six months is a long time to be thinking about somebody, so it really must have hit you hard… The only thing you would have to ask yourself is, do I want to be stuck in this situation, or do I want to move on, because as long as you don’t move on, you might not meet somebody who you also might fall in love with, and who may be single… :-)… Just some food for thought… Everybody has to make that decision at some point…

    Wishing you a week filled with love and happiness… 🙂


  10. swissknifev said

    You know Andrea…you make absolute sense. ABSOLUTE. I read a quote some time back. It said that we spend so much time looking at a closed door that we ignore another one that’s opening. Yes we must move on.And she was intellectually fantastic and absolutely soft on me. She saw me as a friend and took care. I flipped like a crazy coot. Her phone number is right there in front of me and I hate to erase it. The little gift she gave me years ago is still there. Even that chocolate box she had given is is still there. Normally it would have been in the thrash box. But I’ll keep it forever.There is another beautiful friend of mine ( She’s also married but she’s a dear friend). She loved the idea of me falling in love but agreed that it was useless. She still rings me up and asks how I doing and I tell her that i’m still in depressed disillusions. But it’s better to love than never to love at all and a true soldier of love and romance picks up his broken heart, glues it together, tips his cap and moves on to keep romancing with a salute to St. Valentine.

    Right Ma’am ? You advice gave me a sense of peace. I’ll repeat your words to myself everyday. I am asking God to bless you for that. He’s my pal and he usually listens.” Hey buddy! Good luck to Andrea!!” 🙂

  11. swissknifev said

    Hi Andrea. Howz you? I bowzed your blog. So you are a fitness person. No wonder you are trim and beautiful. Your site is refreshing.

    Take care

  12. @swissknifev…

    So nice to hear from you… and thanks for the compliment. Hope life is treating you well… 🙂

    Have a wonderful day!


  13. swissknifev said

    You are just great.:-)

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