Sarah Palin: Still An Embarrassment? You Betcha…


And so it makes three…..

After Republican Sen. John Ensign, NV, declaring one week, that he indeed did ‘have sex with that woman,’  his staffer, it was Republican Gov. Mark Sanford’s, SC, turn.  And he is still talking as I am writing this…  Erotic confessions about his Latin lover’s tan lines and breasts, and lines he may or may not have crossed completely with other women, and about hiking in Appalachia, or having sex in Argentina, or both…  And he’s still talking, to the point where one of his Republican brothers in SC wished in an interview, that he would just  ‘SHUT UP!’ Now, who could top both of those stories?  Of course, there’s always the  ‘ Sarah Freak Show,’  topping everything else!  And she didn’t disappoint.

And that makes three…  🙂

On a Friday afternoon, at the beginning of a long 4th of July weekend, probably hoping, it would somehow get buried in that news cycle, here was good old Sarah with her never ending Freak Show, announcing that she would not run for a second term as Governor of Alaska.  Okay, most people expected that.  But wait!  There’s more!  She announced that she would also abandon the governorship by resigning at the end of this month.  WOW!

I literally had to force myself to listen to the entire 18 or so minutes of her incoherent, badly delivered, rambling speech.  It was pure torture!  Republicans will have to decide if they want to continue to be associated with this darling of the know-nothing, loony wing of their party.  It’s pretty telling, when Republican strategists comment that it’s a bad sign for any politician, after giving a high-profile speech, if people wonder whether you still have a future in politics. Probably not a very successful speech…  Out of pure self interest, though, I hope she stays in politics and in the news for a long time to come…  🙂

As for the reasons?  I’m sure, we will find out soon what prompted this erratic behavior, whether it be a multi-million-dollar book deal, or a radio/TV show, or a brewing scandal.  We’ll hear about it, believe me…  over and over and over again…

Because there’s just no end to the  ‘Sarah Freak Show’ …..   🙂



  1. CJ said

    Well, it gives us all a laugh at least 😆

  2. Julie said

    Freak Show? I protest. Sarah Palin is a great public speaker because she uses methods of relating to people aside from formal speech. You seem to attack her with a major bias against nonliberals. It is clear to me you don’t want to dive into real political issues, rather just poke at tabloids. Please make your critism of anyone based on real problems like making contradictary statements, showing bad character, or not fulfilling the duties of the office. She assumes the best in the American people. You blog waiting for scandal to gossip on. She has the patience to discuss real issues with an open mind. Do you?

  3. @ Julie: Thank you for your comment on my blog post. As with many things, we just have to agree to disagree on the issue of Sarah Palin. If you’re interested, I made my case against her seeking the vice presidency in fact-based, complete detail prior to last year’s election in my post:

    ‘Sarah Palin: An Embarrassment to Women.’

    In reference to your specific points: I think the vast majority of the American people is in agreement, that Sarah Palin is not a good public speaker, especially for somebody who used to be a sportscaster and should therefore be used to putting sentences in proper order, etc. In reference to basing my criticism of her on real facts… Where shall we even begin? I hate to bring up the numerous ethics complaints and investigations filed against her (some still ongoing), the misuse of public funds, and on and on… As for not fulfilling the duties of the office… She abandoned her office, not even having served half of the time she was elected to serve… And I really could go down the list…

    While I understand, that people who support her, only want to see her in the best light, you can’t really blame the vast majority of the American public having come to a conclusion about her based on facts… And as always… it’s those inconvenient little facts that usually prevail…

    As I said… We just have to agree to disagree on this issue. But I do thank you for your comment and your interest in reading my blog.

    Wishing you a beautiful day!


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