Health Care Reform? YOU WILL DIE !!! 012

This is the face of a survivor.

A survivor of the  ‘socialist health care system,’  so often maligned by Republicans and their corporate sponsors, the insurance industry.

In my case, being from Germany, that system is actually a combination of private insurers and government provided health care, something that President Obama seems to be looking to provide.  While every country uses a different system, a lot of them, like the Canadian, British and Scandinavian, are completely provided by the government.  They all have a few things in common:

1.  Every industrialized nation, except America, treats health care as a human right, not a commodity, a for-profit business.

2.  Every citizen, no matter where they find themselves in their lives–working, unemployed, self-employed, child, student, stay-at-home mom/dad, retired… is covered in one way or another.  That’s another way of saying, there are no uninsured people.

3.  You can’t get turned down because of  pre-existing conditions.

4.  Using the system is either free, or involves minimal costs, even for people visiting the country, as it happened to me one year, having to get a tetanus shot, while vacationing in London.

5.  Nobody goes bankrupt over medical bills.

Naturally, no system is perfect, and there’s always room for improvement.  But I go out on a limb now, that you’d be hard-pressed to find anybody who is familiar with the health care system in other countries, to prefer the American system–as we have it today–, unless they are dishonest.

On a lighter side…  I remember receiving a Christmas card from my German aunt the year I came over to the States. Out of all the things she possibly could have been worried about, she wished me  ‘Merry Christmas’ … and the very next sentence read  ‘We are so worried about you being over there with the terrible health care system they have.’  Just some food for thought…

An honorable mention goes out to the rent-a-thug mob being bussed around to disrupt town hall meetings right now, verbally and physically assaulting congress people holding these meetings to explain the changes to the public.  This mob rule is brought to you, once again, courtesy of Republican millionaire sponsors and their backers, the insurance industry.

Why are they so worried?  It’s easy…

1.  It will cut into the insurance industry’s profits.  That’s why Republicans are being paid by/bribed by the insurance industry to do their bidding.  And don’t forget…

2.  It’s politics!  Republicans know very well, if we get meaningful health care reform, actually benefiting people, under a Democratic president, they will find themselves in the political wilderness for a long time to come.  After all, they haven’t forgotten recent history…  That was the fate of the Republican party during and after FDR’s presidency, when a lot of the very successful social programs were enacted.  So they have to do everything in their power to stop that from happening…  Never mind the people!

When asked at a recent town hall meeting, how many of the people disrupting that event, had insurance, including Medicare, the majority of these thugs raised their hands.  Now I’m wondering if they realize that according to their own talking points provided to them, their days may be numbered, as  ‘people will die in the streets’ if we have a public option.  After all…

Medicare is a program run by–you guessed it–the  GOVERNMENT !!!   🙂



  1. dessousblog said

    We’re often complaining about our health care system in Germany. That’s so stupid, isn’t it?
    Wish you much success in installing a proper system in the States. If that’s the only thing Obama realizes in the next years, his presidency will be for good…

    • @ dessousblog: Thank you so much for your comment. And I so very much agree with you… 🙂

      Wishing you a beautiful day! Schoenen Tag noch… 🙂


  2. marcus john said

    You are so right about the higher standard of healthcare in Europe; as a Brit, I am appalled by the system in the US and cannot believe that healthcare is based entirely on insurance [and therefore on personal income]. Of course, many people here buy an “upgrade” through private insurance because it enables quicker treatment and, arguably, a more pleasant private hospital environment. But the medical work is carried out by the very same doctors who work in the publice hospitals. Surely no-one in their right mind could argue that the system in the US is superior?! Remember, the US system actually costs MORE per person than does ours!!

    • @ marcus john: Thank you so much for making those points from your perspective as a Brit… 🙂

      Wishing you a beautiful day!


  3. wusspett said

    My concern is that news is coming out that congressmen/women are not reading legislature. Is this true? If it is true, should we continue to trust whoever puts these bills together has U.S. citizens’ best interest in mind?

    • @ wusspett: Unfortunately, that’s the reality with a lot of legislation, I’m afraid…

      Thanks for making that point…

      Wishing you a beautiful day!


  4. Luinae McAnish said

    It bugs me so much that health care isn’t free there! It makes no sense and people keep getting made about Barack Obama supposedly (which he isn’t) bringng socialism to America. Idiots!
    Have they looked at Socialist countries like Sweden? Who have the highest rate of living in the world, and everyone can read and go to school and love somewhere and have health care. It makes no sense.

    Sorry if I have offended anyone. It really wasn’t my intent.

    • jkallman said

      Healthcare isn’t free anywhere. It’s just subsidized through taxation and government borrowing.

      Also, longevity is affected by many factors, only one of them being access to healthcare. Factors such as genetic, personal behavior, and educational level play a role as well. Sweden is a less populated, more homogenous, and more uniformly well-educated than the U.S. These differences make it difficult to simply “import” a European system.

      Please check out:


      I’d be interested to garner your comments and feedback.

      • @ jkallman: I certainly agree with your statement, that a lot of factors play a role in the health care debate. That’s why President Obama wants to put more emphasis on prevention, education, etc. Now, there’s a novel thought… 🙂

        Thanks for your comment. Wishing you a beautiful day!


    • @ Luinae McAnish: Thank you for your heartfelt comment from your perspective… 🙂

      Wishing you a beautiful day!


  5. 84rules said

    You make the socialist health care system sound nice in theory, but reality is much different for most people:

    This is what awaits us in the United States if we adopt socialized medicine.

    • alpha kat said

      Every person in Congress already has socialist health care.

      • @ alpha kat: Now you wonder when people start realizing that? The very same people (mainly Republicans) who enjoy Government provided health care want to deny the same to us. How about that?

        Thanks for making that point… 🙂

        Have a beautiful day!


    • GetFamous said

      The United Kingdom case study is flawed. I’m not sure who’s behind that report but they’re using selective statistics to create a skewed conclusion. i.e. comparing one Californian primary healthcare providers costs, hospital days etc to that of the whole of the NHS which provides prehospital, primary, secondary, tertiary and health education services is absurd and is comparing apples with oranges.

      Some of the points are well made like the cancer survival rates but these are being acted upon by the NHS and figures are now out of date, not taking into account new practices and guidelines. Early alzheimers and breastcancer have both been highlighted as areas where the NHS is deficient however to pick on these two areas for comparrison rather than look at the whole suggests this ‘case study’ was not written with a balanced view but more to prove a point in whatever way it could.

      • @ GetFamous: Thanks for your information. I’m sure, it’s helpful to people reading this…

        Have a wonderful day!


    • @ 84 rules: As I pointed out in my posting, no system is perfect, and there’s always room for improvement. But our system here needs MAJOR overhaul and improvement. I think the majority of Americans agree with that statement.

      Thanks for your comment, though…

      Wishing you a beautiful day!


  6. ivritman said

    If government and the lawyers would stay away from Health Care, we could all have it.

    • @ ivritman: Thanks for sharing your opinion…

      Wishing you a beautiful day!


  7. Marianne said

    this is the problem…….limited patient rights, and taxpayers paying for illegal aliens, who are not required to pay for anything.

    . Page 22: Mandates audits of all employers that self-insure!
    . Page 29: Admission: your health care will be rationed!
    . Page 30: A government committee will decide what treatments and benefits you get (and, unlike an insurer, there will be no appeals process)
    . Page 42: The “Health Choices Commissioner” will decide health benefits for you. You will have no choice. None.
    . Page 50: All non-US citizens, illegal or not, will be provided with free healthcare services.
    . Page 58: Every person will be issued a National ID Healthcard.
    . Page 59: The federal government will have direct, real-time access to all individual bank accounts for electronic funds transfer.
    . Page 65: Taxpayers will su bsidize all union retiree and community organizer health plans (read: SEIU, UAW and ACORN)
    . Page 72: All private healthcare plans must conform to government rules to participate in a Healthcare Exchange.
    . Page 84: All private healthcare plans must participate in the Healthcare Exchange (i.e., total g overnment control of private plans)
    . Page 91: Government mandates linguistic infrastructure for services; translation: illegal aliens
    . Page 95: The Government will pay ACORN and Americorps to sign up individuals for Government-run Health Care plan.
    . Page 102: Those eligible for Medicaid will be automatically enrolled: you have no choice in the matter.
    . Page 124: No company can sue the government for price-fixing. No “judicial review” is permitted against the government monopoly. Put simply, private insurers will be crushed.
    . Page 127: The AMA sold doctors out: the government will set wages.
    . Page 145: An employer MUST auto-enroll employees into the government-run public plan. No alternatives.
    . Page 126: Employers MUST pay healthcare bills for part-time employees AND their families.
    . Page 149: Any employer with a payroll of $400K or more, who does not offer the public option, pays an 8% tax on payroll
    . Page 150: Any employer with a payroll of $250K-400K or more, who does not offer the public option, pays a 2 to 6% tax on payroll
    . Page 167: Any individual who doesn’t’ have acceptable healthcare (according to the government) will be taxed 2.5% of inc ome.
    . Page 170: Any NON-RESIDENT alien is exempt from individual taxes (Americans will pay for them).
    . Page 195: Officers and employees of Government Healthcare Bureaucracy will have access to ALL American financial and personal records.
    . Page 203: “The tax imposed under this section shall not be treated as tax.” Yes, it20really says that.
    . Page 239: Bill will reduce physician services for Medicaid. Seniors and the poor most affected.”
    . Page 241: Doctors: no matter what specialty you have, you’ll all be paid the same (thanks, AMA!)
    . Page 253: Government sets value of doctors’ time, their professional judgment, etc.
    . Page 265: Government mandates and controls productivity for private healthcare industries.
    . Page 268: Government regulates rental and purchase of power-driven wheelchairs.
    . Page 272: Cancer patients: welcome to the wonderful world of rationing!
    . Page 280: Hospitals will be penalized for what the government deems preventable re-admissions.
    . Page 298: Doctors: if you treat a patient during an initial admission that results in a readmission, you will be penalized by the government.
    . Page 317: Doctors: you are now prohibited for owning and investing in healthcare companies!
    . Page 318: Prohibition on hospital expansion. Hospitals cannot expand without government approval.
    . Page 321: Hospital expansion hinges on “community” input: in other words, yet another payoff for ACORN.
    . Page 335: Government mandates establishment of outcome-based measures: i.e., rationing.
    . Page 341: Government has authority to disqualify Medicare Advantage Plans, HMOs, etc.
    . Page 354: Government will restrict enrollment of SPECIAL NEEDS individuals.
    . Page 379: More bureaucracy: Telehealth Advisory Committee (healthcare by phone).
    . Page 425: More bureaucracy: Advance Care Planning Consult: Senior Citizens, assisted suicide,20euthanasia?
    . Page 425: Government will instruct and consult regarding living wills, durable powers of attorney, etc. Mandatory. Appears to lock in estate taxes ahead of time.
    . Page 425: Government provides approved list of end-of-life resources, guiding you in death.
    . Page 427: Government mandates program that orders end-of-life treatment; government dictates how your life ends.
    . Page 429: Advance Care Planning Consult will be used to dictate treatment as patient’s health deteriorates. This can include an ORDER for end-of-life plans. An ORDER from the GOVERNMENT.
    . Page 430: Government will decide what level of treatments you may have at end-of-life.
    . Page 469: Community-based Home Medical Services: more payoffs for ACORN.
    . Page 472: Payments to Community-based organizations: more payoffs for ACORN.
    . Page 489: Government will cover marriage and family therapy. Government intervenes in your marriage.
    . Page 494: Government will cover mental health services: defining, creating and rationing those services.
    PG 502 Line 5-18 Government builds the “Center” to conduct, support, & synthesize research=2 0to define our HealthCare Services.
    PG 502 Section 1181 Center for Comparative Effectiveness Research Established. – Hello Big Brother – Literally.
    PG 503 Line 13-19 Government will build registries and data networks from YOUR electronic medical records.
    PG 503 Line 21-25 Government may secure data directly from any department or agency of the US inc luding your data.
    PG 504 Line 6-10 The “Center” will collect data both published & unpublished (that means public & your private info)
    PG 506 Line 19-21 The Center will recommend policies that would allow for public access of data.
    PG 518 Line 21-25 The Commission will have input from HealthCare consumer reps – Can you say unions & ACORN?
    PG 524 18-22 Comparative Effectiveness Research Trust Fund set up. More taxes for ALL.
    PGs 525-620 deals with the Govt basically taking over nursing homes, long-term care facilities (think assisted living) through regulations of the facilities, the owners of sd facilities, the employees of sd facilities and even the land owners of that sd facilities reside on. Additionally as you read these 90+ pages you can come to the conclusion that any Health related services will be determined and rationed by the Govt for our senior citizens and others in nursing homes. This one post should do enough to raise awareness of the control the Govt is exerting over the older population of American citizens.
    PG 620 Line 1-9 The Government will define, prioritize, and nationalize your Health Care Services.
    PG 621 Lines 20-25 Government will define what Quality means in HealthCare. Since when does Government know about quality?
    PG 622 Lines 2-9 To pay for the quality Standards Government will transfer $$ from to other Government Trust Funds. More Taxes. PG 624 “Quality” measures shall be designed to assess outcomes & functional status of patients.
    PG 628 Section 1443 Government will give “Multi-Stake Holders” Pre-Rule Making input into Selection of “Quality” Measures.
    PG 630 9-24/631 1-9 Those Multi-stake holder groups including Unions & groups like ACORN deciding HealthCare quality.
    PG 632 Lines 14-25 The Government may implement any “Quality measure” of HealthCare Services as they see fit.
    PG 633 14-25/ 634 1-9 The Secretary may issue non-endorsed “Quality Measures” for Physician Services & Dialysis Services.
    PG 635 – 653 Physicians Payments Sunshine Provision – Government wants to shine sunlight on Docs but not Government.
    PG 654-659 Public Reporting on Health Care-Associated Infections – Looks okay.
    PG 660-671 Doctors in Residency – Government will tell you where your residency will be, thus where you’ll live.
    PG 676-686 Government will regulate hospitals in EVERY aspect of residenc y programs, including teaching hospitals.
    PG 686-700 Increased Funding to Fight Waste, Fraud, and Abuse. You mean the Government with an $18 mil website?
    PGs 701-704 Section 1619 If your part of HealthCare plan that isn’t in Government HealthCare Exchange but you qualify for Federal aid, no payment.
    PG 705-709 SEC. 1128 If Secretary gets complaints (ACORN) on HealthCare provider or supplier, Government can do background check.
    PG 711 Lines 8-14 The Secretary has broad powers to deny HealthCare providers/suppliers admittance into HealthCare Exchange.
    Pg 719-720 Section 1637 ANY Doctor who orders durable medical equipment or home medical services MUST be enrolled in Medicare.
    PG 722 Section 1639 Government Mandates Doctors must have face-to-face with patient to certify patient for Home Health Services.
    PG 724 23-25 PG 725 1-5 The same Government certifications will apply to medicaid & CHIP (your kids) Pg 735 lines 16-25 For law enforcement purposes, the Secretary of Health & Human Services will give Attorney General access to ALL data.
    PG 724 Lines 16-22 Government reserves right to apply face-to-face certification for patient to ANY other HealthCare service.
    PG 740-757 Government sets guidelines for subsidizing the uninsured (That’s your tax dollars peeps)
    Pg 757-762 Fed Government will shift burden of payments to Disproportionate Share Hospitals (DSH) t o States. (Taxes)
    PG 763 1-8 No DS/EA hospitals will be paid unless they provide services without regard to national origin
    Pg 765 Section 1711 Government will require Preventative Services including vaccines. (Choice?)
    Pg 768 Section 1713 Government – Nursing Home Visitation Services (Hello union paybacks)
    Pg 769 11-14 Nurseing Home Visit Services include-economic self-sufficiency, employment advancement, schoo l-readiness.
    Pg 769 3-5 Nursing Home Visit Services – “increasing birth intervals between pregnancies. ” Government Abortions anyone?
    Pg 770 SEC 1714 Federal Government mandates eligibility for State Family Planning Services. Say abortion & State Sovereign.
    Pg 789-797 Government will set & mandate drug prices, controlling which drugs will brought to market. Goodbye innovation.
    Pgs 797-800 SEC. 1744 PAYMENTS for grad medical education. The government will now control Drs education.
    PG 801 Sec 1751 The Government will decide which Health care conditions will be paid. Say RATION!
    Pg 810 SEC. 1759. Billing Agents, clearinghouses, etc. required to register. Government takes over private payment system.
    PG 820-824 Sec 1801 Government will identify individuals ineligible for subsidies. Will access all personal finances.
    Pg 824-829 SEC. 1802. Government Sets up Comparative Effectiveness Research Trust Fund. Another tax bl ack hole.
    PG 829-833 Government will impose a fee on ALL private health insurance plans including self insured to pay for Trust Fund!
    PG 835 11-13 fees imposed by Government for Trust Fund shall be treated as if they were taxes.
    Pg 838-840 Government will design & implement Home Visitation Program for families with young kids & families expecting kids.
    PG 844-845 This Home Visitation Program includes Government coming into your house & telling you how to parent!!!
    Pg 859 Government will establish a Public Health Fund at a cost of $88,800,000,000. Yes that’s Billions.
    PG 865 to 876 The NHS Corps is a program where Drs. perform mandatory HealthCare for 2 years for part loan repayment.
    PG 876-892 The Government takes over the education of our Medical students and Drs.
    PG 898 The Government will establish a Public Health Workforce Corps. to ensure supply of public health professionals.
    PG 898 The Public health workforce corps shall consist of civilian employees of the U.S. as Secretary deems.
    PG 898 The Public health workforce corps shall consist of officers of Regular & Reserve Corps of Service.
    PG 900 The Public Health Workforce Corps includes veterinarians.
    PG 901 The Public Health Workforce Corps WILL include commissioned Regular & Reserve Officers. HealthCare Draft?
    PG 910 The Government will develop, build & run Public Health Training Centers.
    PG 913-914 Government starts a HealthCare affirmative action program thru guise of diversity scholarships.
    PG 915 SEC. 2251. Government MANDATES Cultural & linguistic competency training for HealthCare professionals.
    Pg 932 The Government will establish Preventative & Wellness Trust fund – initial cost of $30,800,000,000-Billion.
    PG 935 21-22 Government will identify specific goals & objectives for prevention & wellness activities. Control You!!
    PG 936 Government will develop “Healthy People & National Public Health Performance Standards” Tell me what to eat?
    PG 942 Lines 22-25 More Government? Offices of Surgeon General -Public Health Services, Minority Health, Women’s Health.
    PG 950- 980 BIG Government core public health infrastructure includes workforce capacity, lab systems; health information systems, etc
    PG 993 Government will establish school based health clinics. Your kids won’t have a chance.
    PG 994 School Based Health Clinics will be integrated into the school environment. Say Government Brainwash!
    PG 1001 The Government will establish a National Medical Device Registry. Will you be tracked?
    PG 1003 9-11 National20Medical Dev Reg ”(iii) other postmarket device surveillance activities” you WILL be tracked.
    PG 1018 States give up some of their State Sovereignty.

    • @ Marianne: Thank you so much for posting this. I’m sure it’s interesting to some…

      I think the health care debate has moved far beyond coverage of illegal aliens… By the way… even illegal aliens who work for a company, are paying social security and such, just for your information… 🙂

      But thanks for engaging here…

      Wishing you a beautiful day!


  8. Jordan said

    Oh god, health care reform will make my hair look like that? @_@

    • @ Jordan: Always nice to get a ‘compliment’ when people run out of facts. But thanks for responding to my post… 🙂

      Wishing you all the joy and happiness your heart can hold…


  9. osabetudo said

    Excelent post! I agree with you 100%. Although the public health care here in Brazil faces many problems, and most of people tha can end up with a private health plan as well, here in our state (Santa Catarina) things run kinda smoothly and the basic coverage is pretty good.

    I don’t see any reaon why the GOP claims the USA can’t have it. Come on! I am in South America and have better coverage than you people!

    Great blog. Keep up the good wotk.

    • @ osabetudo: Thank you so very much for your perspective from Brazil. I am not familiar with your system, but it sounds like you like it and it works for the people. What more can you ask for? 🙂

      Have a wonderful day!


  10. Miriam said

    One of the biggest problems I think there is in the American Health Care system is the amount of profits the insurance companies are making. And the amount that malpractice insurance is costing the health care providers.

    I came from the Canadian system. And although there are things I would change about how our health care is run. There is a lot I would change in the American system that need to be changed and as soon as possible.

    • @ Miriam: Thanks. I very much agree with you… 🙂

      Have a wonderful day!


  11. MomTFH said

    Great post. If only people in the United States will wake up and realize that we all deserve better, and we are worth more than insurance company profits.

    • @ MomTFH: Thanks. I so agree with you… 🙂

      Have a beautiful day!


  12. Certain terminology is being used to manipulate the people with fear and uncertainty. The term “socialist health-care” evokes thoughts of the soviet socialist system and those against health-care reform know it!
    It’s unfortunate enough that we fear change especially, when those in power are comfortable with the status-quo. Those that are far from comfortable make up a much larger number and for them, this change would be a life-saver in more ways than one!
    In Canada, we pay taxes to maintain infrastructure, public schools, libraries, etc and health-care. We still have privately funded schools, as well as private health-care if we choose!
    The point being we have a choice, we can use public health-care or if we have the money, we can pay for it.
    We have the right to choose!

    • @ sandra lynn: Thank you so much for your perspective from Canada, Lady… Especially because the Canadian health care system is often used by the detractors to show how bad ‘socialist health care’ is… 🙂

      Have a beautiful day!


  13. Inez Dougan said

    My husband and I have received Medicare benefits for over eight years. We rely on this program for all of our health care needs, and have no ability to pay for health care because it is so expensive. My husband has advanced diabetes, and his care is very expinsive. Is it true that the proposed health care plans will take away Medicare, and that older Americans like us will be without health care. Do we now have to pay? I’ve also heard that the government will be visiting us in the new plans to decide how were goiing to die.

    • @ Inez: Thank you for your comment. Medicare is one of the most successful programs we have right now, and there is absolutely to plan to abolish it. In reference to the Government visiting you to see how you want to die… I think that’s one of the lies/misinformations being spread by Republicans and insurance companies right now. The only thing I can imagine them referring to is that there is a proposal, which is still being debated, to include a ‘Living Will.’ Which, I might add, every person should have anyway, in order to avoid confusion. Please don’t let these lies scare you… 🙂

      Wishing you and your husband all the best…


  14. Jessica said

    Just want to put in my two cents. Or should I say my two pence. See, I am American, but I live in London at the moment. Before that, I lived in Germany. And to be very honest with you all, I am scared to move home to America.

    In the UK, I just register with my GP (doctor), and when I dont feel good, I go in, and they treat me. Maybe they give me a prescription. I take that to the pharmacy. No matter what the prescription is, I pay £7 (that’s about $11 at the moment). Even when I had this not-very-serious but annoying sickness for a while – I had to keep going back to get medicine – eventually the docs just wrote me a prescription for a 2 months supply so that I could just take the pills when I needed them. Took the prescription to the pharmacy – paid £7, for about 100 pills. And it worked and I was fine. My tooth crumbled one day. I thought to myself oh my god, I dont have enough money for this right now. I can’t pay this. I went to the dentist, and they did a filling for me – it would have cost £15 (about $25 at the time) for a silver one, or £60 for white, as that is seen as cosmetic. So I paid about $75 for them to fill my cavity. That’s it. No further questions asked.

    And in Germany, the system is even better. I paid private insurance there, and yeah, it cost me about $120 a month. Every month. But no matter what was wrong with me, no matter what happened to me, everything was free. A 3 week stay in the hospital cost me nothing, and it would have cost me nothing even if i wasn’t privately insured. But because I was privately insured and paid into the system a bit, I had a great bed, great TV, in a better hospital, and I paid literally nothing. And its not like my rates went up after that at all or anything.

    I love America, and I love Americans, and I want to move home. But I can’t concieve of getting old in a country where I have to be rich just to live nicely. I am fairly average here and never worry about medical bills or dental bills. It makes my quality of life just so much better – in fact, that lack of stress about health care probably keeps everyone in Europe just that much healthier to begin with.

    • @ Jessica: Thank you so much for your perspective of an American using the health care system overseas. I’m sure it’s very helpful to some people reading this… 🙂

      Have a beautiful day!


  15. GetFamous said

    No countries health care system is perfect, sacrifices always need to be made between absolute optimal care versus cost. The NHS system is abused by many and is riddled with inneficient bureaucrats whilst the US system tends to over-treat due to the fear of legal action being taken and is therefore super expensive and wasteful.

    I remember reading that the Singapore model works very well on a cost per head and health outcomes basis. As I understand it, the government puts money into individual funds for their citizens to use on healthcare as and when they choose, which puts the patients in control of their treatment and means that they think twice before trying to abuse the system due to the laws of economics

    • @ GetFamous: Sounds interesting to me. I’m sure, the Obama administration and expert advisors are looking to all kinds of different models to see what might work here… 🙂

      Thanks for your comment. Have a beautiful day!


  16. Dear Andrea: Thank you for that golden moment of common sense, german humor and fresh air… No doubt, you are en pleine santé 🙂

    • @ Loup Kibiloki: Thanks for the compliment… Helped making my day there a little… 🙂 And yes, we have to find humor even in serious matters… makes it easier to deal with 🙂

      Have a beautiful day!


  17. Jim said

    I don’t pretend to understand all of this complex issue, but I do know that I worked for a Medicare contractor for 4 years and saw first hand how our government runs health care. I was not amused by how much politics influenced decisions. I was horrified to see the hoops some Americans had to jump through to get medically necessary treatment — and they did not always successfully jump through those hoops. I did not think this was any better than the private insurance system with its profit-driven abuses.

    Our system of paying for health care needs reform, maybe even throwing out and doing over. But I do not trust my government to provide it.

    • @ Jim: Thank you for your perspective of somebody with first hand experience. As I said, there is always room for improvement in everything, but most people realize that the system as we have it now, needs to be changed. That’s a good start… now we have to work on the ‘how to’… 🙂

      Wishing you a beautiful day!


  18. jamessye said

    FREE Healthcare, the hell you say! Seriously though, we all know why the GOP is opposed to this and are masking it as fiscal conservatism. We know who lines their pockets…

    • @ jamessye: Yes, as with everything… follow the money… 🙂

      Have a beautiful day!


  19. JT said

    You cannot change the bottom line of the U.S. –freedom. You have the freedom to have health coverage and the freedom not to. You have the freedom to choose to work hard and go places, but you also have the freedom to be lazy if you want (hey, even the insanely lazy do pretty well in our country). It’s all about CHOICE.

    Republicans understand the need for a change in our health care as well, prices are out of control. The difference is they don’t think freedom is FORCING everyone to enter into a government-backed health care system. What does the government have to do with my health anyway? They screw up enough stuff on their own (ever been to the DMV? Last time I tried to get a new DL they had to resend it 3 times, with me personally calling and visiting them on 10 different locations… they are even incapable of filling out simple paperwork).

    Let me put it this way. The government would be a “middle man”…right? Why would that do anything but INFLATE medical costs and the deficit? That’s what middlemen do.

    I think we all need to get real about what this means. Stop with the sunshine and rainbows and ideology — we’re wasting time! We need to figure out a REAL and VALUABLE solution.

    • @ JT: While there is always improvement in everything, a lot of Government-run programs are actually quite good. Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, etc. come to mind. Think about the Postal Service, getting your letter to a far destination in a day or two for a minimal cost…. pretty impressive, don’t you think? 🙂

      I agree with you that freedom is an important component, but it becomes less important if it infringes on people’s well being, don’t you think? Just some food for thought… 🙂

      Have a beautiful day!


  20. soundandfury said

    Excellent post. And I can speak from experience as an American expat who CHOOSES to live in Commonwealth countries where the healthcare is free or practially free. After living in England for quite awhile, I now live in Australia and have wonderful health care. I’ve had to be hospitalized twice in the last few years and I went home without owing a single dollar. Can ANY of you say that in the USA?

    For those of you who keep dragging up the illegal alien issue, guess what? We have one of the most multicultural nations in the world and we take in refugees and immigrants (including illegal ones) every year — just like Great Britain does. But each and every one of those people gets complete medical care.

    Make yourselves a part of the solution, not the ongoing state of apprehension that is experienced by those who have to keep their fingers crossed and HOPE they stay healthy because they can’t afford health care. Encourage your elected officials to vote for Universal Health Care for EVERY person in the USA.

    • @ soundandfury: Thank you so much for giving your perspective as an American living in countries with the horrible ‘socialist health care.’ 🙂 Glad to hear from you!

      Have a wonderful day!


  21. Eric Stephenson said

    And truly, the number of people in this country (USA) that think this reform is for the worst is staggering. The way we let our political view affect our moral views is just unreal. This is not an issue that should be split Rep / Dem. We ALL get sick, and we are ALL breakable.

    • @ Eric Stephenson: I so wholeheartedly agree with you. If it just was that easy. Politics is unfortunately involved in everything, especially a big issue like this. So all we can do, is trying to debunk some of the misinformation and lies coming from the other side… 🙂

      Have a wonderful day!


  22. jgsathome said

    Don’t refer to people who oppose Obama-care as “thugs”. I’m not a Republican or a Democrat and I’m not happy with any of our elected officials.

    Our government is spending money that they do not have. As the “baby-boomer” generation begins getting their “entitlements” (Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, etc.) these programs will all go broke (if they haven’t already done so).

    I believe in freedom and capitalism.

    Obama promised that he would not raise taxes on any family earning less than $250,000/year. You watch — just as George H. W. Bush lied when he said “read my lips, no new taxes” — Obama will break his promise.

    Obama has made his position quite clear. He wants a single-payer system run by the government.

    Now he’s asking our citizens to “snitch” on each other and to report to the White House when anyone speaks out in opposition to Obama-care.

    It stinks that there are people who are willing to plunder our Treasury because they want someone else to pay for their healthcare, and are willing to pawn their debt off onto future generations.

    • Please read my response to your second comment… 🙂

      Have a good one!


  23. bobbygee said

    Have you read what is in the bill. If health care in germany is so good then why don’t you go there and get treatment. The rest of the world comes here to get treated for every illiness known to man and God. If ours is so bad then why are people coming here to get treated. My man it is called fascism what Obama and his henchmen are doing. It is called power. To bring prices down get the government out of the picture. When I was a kid in the fifties and sixties health care wasn’t expensive. It is called free enterprise. Read the bill. Public health care in brasil is horrible. I know I have lived in brasil with my wife. She is brasilian. If what the government proses is so good. let them do it for five years. Studies the pros and cons. Let the President, Senators and House members and government workers be the ginnie pigs not us. One last question would you pay 1500 for a hotel room?

    • @ bobbygee: The people who come over here to get treatment, are people who have the money to do so, which of course, makes my point…

      On the opposite side, there are many people with limited resources having (mostly elective) procedures done overseas…. 🙂

      Thanks for your comment. Wishing you a beautiful day!


  24. Barry said


    You are mistaken when you assume that the Obama adimistration is going to work with private business for healthcare reform. This video has been circulating lately which proves once again the president is inconsistant in his speech. His goal is for all one payer. That would be the government. Which would look exactly like the bankrupt system in Great Britain, and Canada.

    • @ Barry: I am familiar with this issue being pushed by the usual suspects. All I can say, is that you have to deal with facts. Fact is, that the health care reform being proposed right now will be a combination of private insurers and a public option, and people can choose whether to remain in their current plan or not. I think that’s a good start, don’t you…. 🙂

      Thanks for your comment. Wishing you a beautiful day!


  25. candacelange said

    If all our politicians had to wear hats with logos on them that show where thier personal money is invested and who has contributed the most to thier campaigns, we could vote the sell outs out on their butts. I am sick of big pharma, big oil, the insurance companies , and big banks running this country. International corporations run by greedy big shots are destroying our whole world. Wake up and stop drinking the Kool Aid you foolish right wing followers! Too many of you are just wives of republicans or sons of republicans, and do not think for yourselves but just go along with hubby or daddy and Fox News idiots like Rush!

    • @ candacelange: I so very much agree with you… 🙂

      Have a good one!


  26. ChicagoismynewBlog! said

    I have a couple questions and I don’t want people to take offense to it, but to just educate me on a couple things because I’m just naiive…

    – Someone above mentioned that they pay extra so they can get quicker medical attention…if something is not life threatening, do you have to wait a much longer time to receive medical attention? Ex. I broke my finger, since it’s not life threatening, will I be able to receive medical attention immediately?

    – Are your taxes and prices for other things incredibly high in your respective countries? I think Canada’s taxes are something like 50% while the US is around 20%…don’t quote me…haha. Plus, things ranging from gasoline to magazines are more expensive than the US.

    That’s all that I can think of right this second…Again, I’m personally being affected because I’m an American but I’m just uneducated about the topic.

    • @ chicagoismynewblog: Thanks for your comment. In a lot of health care systems, elective procedures may take a little longer compared to life-saving procedures, which kind of makes sense to me. Compare that to our system, as we have it right now, where sometimes life-saving procedures are being denied, for whatever reason (usually cost-related) by the insurance companies.

      You pick which system you rather get sick under… 🙂

      Wishing you a beautiful day!


  27. stevenmk said

    Rock on!!

  28. Andrea, I’m glad that I discovered your blog on wordpress. This is a great entry.

    I lived in Europe briefly so I experienced and understand their comfort in their healthy care. It’s amazing how different you feel when you don’t have to worry about ‘what am gonna do if you happen to get sick.’

    I also have seen friends and relatives suffer with their illnesses at home because they didn’t have insurance or the insurance provided by the employer would still have left them with astronomical costs.

    • @ dancefloordiva: Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I’m sure it’s helpful to a lot of people… 🙂

      Wishing you a beautiful day!


  29. Hello Andrea,

    My name is Andrea too. lol I am also an American.

    What so few people seem to realize is how corrupt the government is. All political parties are working for the same secret organizations. These people work for themselves only. We, Americans, have been so cleverly lied to and manipulated for so long that it’s too late to fix all the problems we have here. Everyone is fighting for their own pockets no matter who dies in the process. Obama and this new world order he plans to implement will not be what other countries have been so pleasantly experiencing. The new system will be an additional method to reduce the population here…thus, Obama’s ‘suicide pill.’ There is more to this than meets the eye!

    Not only is our health care system stupid and poor now, but most of the doctors are also stupid and uneducated. I am a product of our poor health care system. I almost died last year. While I live in a major metropolitan area, we spent all we had on seeing many, many doctors who only turned me away and refused to treat me. 1) I currently have no insurance, and 2) The doctors insisted that I was a liar and had no idea what I was talking about in spite of the fact that I was standing in front of them nearly unconscious, delirious, naucious, and screaming in pain. I picked up a deadly pestilence, most likely from a restaurant. Stories about pestilences are increasing and have made international television, yet the doctors here refuse to treat pestilence and will only treat patients with anti-psychotic medicine so that the patient will not feel anything while they die. It’s a miracle that I am alive today. I am still recovering from all this but I have survived with a lot of prayer and a lot of herbs.

    My mother recently spoke with a veterinarian who told her that he was aware that the doctors here refuse to treat pestilence so he himself takes the same medicine that he gives to his animals to treat parasites as a preventive method. The food and water in this country are unclean and getting worse.

    Neither is cancer a mystery as medical students are told. Cancer begins with a parasite and is curable but the stupid, uneducated doctors here want to make money by keeping patients ill and in the dark to the truth.

    People seem to be living in a “daze” and do not hear what is being said. It is the governments intentions to keep people drugged up enough and wrapped up enough in whatever feels good and looks good to the eyes so that they never realize what is happening to them. If stupid American people do not wake up to what is being done to us, then people will begin dying in even greater numbers than we have ever seen in all of history.

    • jkallman said

      Not sure what you’re referring to:

      “Cancer begins with a parasite and is curable…”

      What on earth are you talking about? Can you please elaborate your views here?

    • @ propheciesandrevelation: While I agree with some points you’re making here, I’m a little lost with others. But thank you for sharing your opinion…

      Wishing you a beautiful day, Andrea… 🙂


  30. […] Reform, Social Security, Socialist Health Care, Thoughts | I just read the thought provoking post Health Care Reform? YOU WILL DIE!!! by Fitwithandrea. My personal biases are squarely in the camp of healthcare reform, and in […]

  31. stevesbrightfuture said


    Thank you for a thought provoking post. I agree whole heartedly with your why fors, however your worries seem a bit light. This is hugely important legislation which can be screwed up any number of ways. I truly wish that the Ds and the Rs could get away from the posturing and try to figure out how to give us something good. My personal wish is for a Government owned Nonprofit Corporation that is freed from appropriations hell but still has Congressional and CBO oversight, and is allowed to evolve into an entity which makes most insurance companies obsolete. Think I will get that for Christmas this year? or next?

    • @ stevesbrightfuture: That’s an interesting idea you’re proposing here, Steve…

      And yes, I agree with you that politics should be completely taken out of the debate. Unfortunately, that’s not reality, and we have to deal with a lot of misinformation and lies right now. In the end, what’s best for the people should be everybody’s top priority… in an ideal world… 🙂

      Wishing you a beautiful day!


  32. jkallman said

    Very interesting post. Check out my BEST IDEA FOR HEALTHCARE REFORM

    I’d be interested to garner your comments and feedback.

    • @ jkallman: I read your proposal on your blog. Very interesting, and in the end something which could turn out to be the ultimate goal. Some of the things President Obama is talking about, certainly point in that direction… I believe it will take different steps, though. This may just be the first step we’re discussing right now. Thank you so much for sharing this, and I encourage everybody who’s reading this, to go to your blog… 🙂

      Wishing you a beautiful day!


  33. AF said

    What a good post and you are obviously right that Government sponsored healthcare for all is a vital ingredient in a modern civilised society. There’s no argument about it and in my opinion anyone who says differently is an arrogant stupid shit!

    The problem with it is that governments (all of them in my experience) couldn’t run what Brits call “a piss up in a brewery”.
    Whilst we need administrators to run most things for us, bureaucracy is nevertheless just about the most useless, self-serving, worthless, counterproductive, pointless thing on the planet – and governments LOVE bureaucracy! Go into any class of moderately well educated eight to ten year olds and ask them how to run the UK’s NHS and I’d bet they’d come up with a better system than we have.

    It could be brilliant – we have the technology, we have the people, we have the experts and even the equipment, money and all the rest to do a first class job. The trouble is we also have the administrators – the bureaucrats who fanny around wasting precious money and resources on targets, paperwork and increasing their own self importance. If you break a modern hospital down into departments and run them more or less autonomously with decent, caring and sensible people (medical experts not bureaucrats) at the helm then, with the application of common sense it WILL work efficiently and relatively cheaply for the benefit of the people. As it is now, the NHS is a bloody shambles!

    Administrators are almost always totally counterproductive! It doesn’t matter a damn if a few pounds are wasted, or someone fiddles a few paperclips – it’s just not necessary to be paranoid about those things. Bureaucrats almost always save less than they cost and they almost always cause a reduction in the quality and even the volume of service. On paper they are important. In reality, they should go get a worthwhile job somewhere sweeping streets or caring for the elderly instead of running around all day getting in the way and applying daft rules to the limit “just because it says so in the manual”!

    So, public healthcare for all – YES. Run directly and solely by the government – NO WAY!

    • jgsathome said

      Such wisdom — you resort to name-calling and four letter words to describe those who don’t agree with you.

      If you want public healthcare there are plenty of places in the world where you can go and get it. Perhaps you’d prefer living in France.

      • @ jgsathome: Thank you for your comment, Jeff. Always nice to hear a differing view. We just have to agree to disagree on this issue.

        The whole purpose of my posting is to give the perspective from a person like myself, who is familiar with various health care systems, to debunk the misinformation being spread by Republicans and the insurance industry, trying to scare people.

        In reference to my use of four-letter-words… I would never call somebody a ‘THUG’ simply for having a different opinion, as I am open-minded and always like to listen to different views, especially if they can be backed up by facts. What I was referring to when using that word, were the people being bussed around to disrupt town hall meetings right now. It has been picked up by many sources, how out-of-hand this has gotten, and it certainly shows, what kind of crowd we are dealing with here. Unfortunately, you hear a lot of racial overtones… which in itself will be another blog posting… 🙂

        Anyway, as you can see, I don’t shy away from engaging with others, and in reference to my choice of living in the US. I love this country very much, as I do my native country Germany… As with everything, you have good and not so good things, no matter where you live, and always try to make the best of it… 🙂

        But thank you again for your comment… Very much appreciated!

        Wishing you all the joy and happiness your heart can hold…


    • @ AF: Thank you so much for your very interesting and detailed response to my posting. I am familiar with the problems you have over there in Britain, and I agree that the solution you are proposing might be the best one.

      However, the system in the US is so broken, that it will be a long road to even get to something anywhere close to the British system with all the problems you have. It’s really that bad. In my view, it will probably take several different steps of small improvements, and what President Obama is trying to do right now, may just be the first, if very important, of these steps.

      Thanks again for your comment. Wishing you a beautiful day!


  34. AF said

    -jgsathome: The French system is actually very good indeed – much better than I understand the US one to be. Unfortunately, in the long run, I suspect it will, like many things these days, probably turn out not to be financially sustainable since Cowboy Bush, Gordon (Idiot) Brown and all their cronies lost a whole lot of people across the globe a great deal of money between them and nothing is any longer certain.

    • @ AF: Thank you for making that point… I so very much agree with you. It will be a loooong time before the world can dig out from under the mess we’re in…

      Have a good one!


    • jgsathome said

      As a senior citizen, if I were in need of a heart by-pass surgery, I’d clearly prefer the system that we have now.

      I could schedule an appointment to have it done, with the doctor of my choice.

      Under Obama-care (as written by the Congress) I’d be concerned that the older I get — the more likely I am to receive “end-of-life counseling” from some government bureaucrat.

      NO THANKS..!

      I will acknowledge that our system could be improved.

      First, we should implement tort reform, and the health-care bill (as presently structured) does not address this issue at all — many thanks to the strength of the trial lawyers and their lobbying efforts.

      For those of you out there who want a single-payer system, run by the government — I simply ask this question — What is it that you so hate about liberty, freedom, and free enterprise?

      • @ jgsathome: Thanks for your response, Jeff.

        People have a lot of questions, every time changes are being proposed, and it is good to have a national discussion about health care reform. It is very important to hear different voices, including people like myself, who know different health care systems first hand and can easily make comparisons.

        I recently read about a brand new, exploratory heart surgery being carried out here in the United States, by American doctors…. under the supervision of a team of German doctors via satellite who had performed that exact surgery successfully in Germany many times prior to it being tried out for the first time in the US…. Just some food for thought… 🙂

        Nobody is against freedom, and most people in most industrialized nations enjoy their freedom very much. However, the rest of these countries believe that freedom isn’t that attractive when it collides with the health and well being of its citizens. Hence, they look at health care as a human right that every person should have.

        I just want to throw out one more point: We spend more money per capita on health care with worse results than most everybody else… and… the life expectancy in countries treating health care as a human right is higher, on average, than ours here…. Something to think about… 🙂

        But thank you for engaging me here, Jeff. I noticed that quite a few people who left initial comments, came back to read some comments others have left. That tells me that people are absolutely engaged and interested in this subject. After all…

        It’s about our lives… And in the end, we’re all in this together… 🙂

        Have a wonderful day!

        Btw: I noticed you are in real estate… Hope the situation will improve in the housing market. We see little signs here of that happening… hopefully the same is true where you are… 🙂


  35. jgsathome said


    I saw this on the internet and have copied this information in order to pass it along to you.

    Statistics can easily be manipulated. I suspect that we’re being led to believe that our infant mortality rate is higher than that in other industrialized nations (those with universal healthcare).

    Please read the following:

    When pointing to how great Universal Health Care works, the proponents of it just love to point to the lower Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) of Europe and Canada. What these folks AREN’T telling you is the way WE calculate IMR and the way THEY do are completely different and it makes a comparison invalid and irrelevant.

    You see, in the U.S. if a baby is born and lives less than a year, we consider that to be an Infant Mortality. All that is required was that the baby be born alive. Period. Got a pulse? That’s a live birth.

    In Europe and Canada, if a baby is born with extremely low birth weight and it’s chances of survival are considered low if not impossible then the death is not calculated into IMR statistics.

    For example…

    Let’s take a baby born extremely prematurely is the U.S. and weighs say 3 pounds and that baby does not survive past one year for whatever reason, that death is calculated into our IMR statistics.

    That same baby would not be in Europe and Canada as they feel the chance it would survive to be minimal at best. It is for the same reason they would also give that baby less care in an attempt to SAVE it’s life as we would here in the U.S. due to cost. NICU and PICU units are extremely expensive to operate and expensive is just not something UHC allows.

    The health systems in Canda and Europe consider babies with extremely low birth weight to be “unsalvagable” and therefore do little to try and save the child. The mortality rates of such babies in Europe is a staggering 869 of every 1,000 live births in the first month of life alone.

    I thought that you might find this interesting.

    • @ jgsathome: Hi Jeff… Thanks for pointing that out. I’m not quite familiar with the way the different countries are calculating that, and have to read up on it when I have a little time..

      When I was referring to the life expectancy rate, though, it is irrefutable that people in countries with Universal Health Care live longer on average than we do here in the US. Naturally, there are many factors at play here, if you consider our high obesity rate and unhealthy lifestyle in general, with lack of exercise etc. That’s much better in other countries.. So, I think that could be a good starting point for us to improve things here. President Obama is stressing prevention, which includes a healthier lifestyle, whenever he can… If we would change just a few of our bad habits, it would make a big difference already….

      Very nice engaging here with you, Jeff…

      Wishing you a beautiful day!


  36. stevesbrightfuture said

    Maybe I am just confused, but it seems that those arguing against universal healthcare tend to argue against the systems in the UK, Germany, Canada… Choosing specific examples where any one of those is week generalizing for the whole and assuming that we can’t do a better job. We do have the benefit of having seen a number of examples of things that work and things that do not.

    FINANCE: I have worked for the US Gov. and I am terrified of what would happen if a federal Health Office is forced to operate without a budget under a continuing resolution. Or better yet what would happen if Republicans, opposed to a government health plan because it’s ‘socialist’ or because ‘government is the problem,’ were to slash funding for said plan. Congress is not very expert in health insurance nor in timely budgeting. However, individual bureaucrats can be expert in any field for which we hire and train them. If we can get a program that mitigates the problems of working under Congressional Budgeting and hire good hardworking people to push paper through the insurances process I see no real reason why a Gov. Plan is inherently worse than a Private one. There is one big reason why I think a Gov. Plan could be better than a Private one. Aetna, the first insurance co. that came to mind, last year appears to have made %26 profit according to numbers at Morningstar. I wouldn’t object to a %26 discount with no change to the service plan.

    END OF LIFE COUNCELING: My Grandmother died just a few months ago. She was 92, had lived a good life. She was ready to go, and had let all the family know that she was ready. I was sad, but I found the experience much easier because I knew she was ok with dieing. I had a neighbor who died a couple of years ago he had terminal cancer, spread throughout his body. In a last ditch effort doctors gave him a bone marrow transplant. As I understand it, a bone marrow transplant involves sticking a needle into the donor’s bone sucking up some, sticking the needle into the patients bone and squirting in some marrow. And repeat. It is supposed to be a very painful procedure for both the donor and the patient. My neighbor died soon afterwards. My neighbor decided to try the procedure. Does counseling take away your ability to choose how hard you want to fight in the end? I don’t think so. Does it make sure you have a good understanding of what you are going to put yourself through in order to fight, and help you understand your chances if you choose to fight? I hope so.

    Maybe I have missed it, but so far I have not heard anyone mention nationalizing the doctor’s practices and hospitals. This leads me to believe that I my doctor will continue to practice medicine the same way he has in the past. He would just be sending the bill to a different place.

    jgsathome mortality rate for babies with birth weight less than a pound is a bit shocking. But then those are shockingly small babies. Do you know the comparable number for the US? Is there any reason to believe that we would stop trying to save those shockingly small babies if we adopted a Federal health plan? This is going to be our plan rather than taken whole cloth from any other country. Where did you find that Stat? I find it difficult to believe anyone, much less a doctor, would be able to tell a mother “so sorry, your child is too small its not worth my time to try to save.” Another question, do you have numbers comparing how many less than a pound babies are born here vs Europe? If its true that we try harder to save those babies (you did say you got the info off the internet) it may also be true that there are statistically fewer of them in Europe because poorer women are able to see their obstatricians more frequently. This is pure speculation on my part, but it seems plausible.

    Speaking of the poor. If you are in a position where you can’t afford to see a doctor for the small things, the small things can turn into emergency room runs (think strep throat turning into pnumonia.) I would rather pay a little more on the front end so a poor child can get antibiotics than force that same child to suffer through pneumonia and then stick me with the emergency room bill of several thousand dollars.

    • @ stevesbrightfuture: You are just making so much sense… Couldn’t have said it better. You have quite a knowledge in this area… I hope that you continue sharing it with others, as you do here. It’s so very important, that facts are being put out there to combat all this terrible misinformation.

      Well, I certainly thank you for engaging here …

      Wishing you a beautiful day!


  37. jgsathome said

    We need tort reform in the United States. The impact of lawsuits places a huge burden on our healthcare system and, from what I can tell, the legislation that is “on the table” does not address this issue.

    As a CYA measure doctors end up ordering unnecessary tests (thereby increasing costs).

    Our legislators, however, are not about to do anything which would upset the trial lawyers.

    In addition, I hear lots of talk about healthcare being a “right” (as if it were going to be free), but almost no discussion about what would happen to the tax rate (in order to pay for it).

    Would those of you who have universal healthcare mind telling us what country you live in, and what your tax rate is?

  38. stevesbrightfuture said

    jgathome, there is some truth in what you say. Tort reform could provide some benefits, but right now I don’t see that happening. How long do you think it would take for congress to pass some form of tort reform if the costs for the law suites were passed on to the Federal Govt.?

    As for unnecessary tests, I am more familiar with unnecessary appointments. I rarely need to see a doctor but my parents are of an age where they are spending more time with their doctor. Every time either of them needs to review a test or get a prescription refilled they have to get an appointment because the Doc needs to get paid. One possible solution, freeing up the docs to see more patients and allowing them to see patients when its really necessary, is retainer fees. In the past retainer fees have had some issues, ending up as bonuses on top of office visit fees. Those issues could be corrected with some work. The retainer fees would benefits doctors by providing fees for patients while allowing docs to expand the numbers of patients on their rolls, increasing profitability. Benefits to patients include not having to go to the Docs office unless you really need to get checked out and having the majority of expenses covered inexpensively. For primary care practices the income per patient ratio is about $300-400 (about $25-30) per month. For the record those numbers are about 3 years old at this point.

    As for Healthcare Being a right. Currently, in the USA, it is not, at least until you have to go to the emergency room. If we make it a right we, those of us with the means to pay, pay to help cover those who can not afford coverage for themselves. For this payment for others we get a healthier general population making it less likely for disease to spread through our population and we save on emergency care. Do you believe that a 3 year old little girl deserves to only receive emergency care, just because her parents are poor? I would rather pay a little now than a lot later. Its more cost effective and in the end more humane.

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