FOX “NEWS” — Merchant of Hate

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We have one TV Network in America dedicated solely to spreading hatred, reinforcing people’s prejudices, and keeping them dumb and uninformed, hence, easier to misguide and mislead.

F O X   ” N E W S “

From crazy morning show hosts, to the hate mongers like Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity at night, and everything in between, it is a sad picture, indeed.

Just for fun and entertainment purposes, I used to listen in for a few minutes from time to time–to get a good laugh, or shake my head in disbelief at such an onslaught of stupidity.  But I’ve reached a point now, where I can’t listen to those crazy rants at all anymore.  Not even for a few minutes.

I’m going out on a limb now, but if we would take a survey of the nutjob wing of the Republican party, assembling right now at health care town halls, or questioning the authenticity of President Obama’s birth certificate, or just spewing racist hatred in general, we would find out that their main “news” source  (maybe the only one)  is

F O X   ” N E W S “

A recent study showed that people who predominately watch  FOX  “NEWS”  are the least informed compared to all others, especially those who get their news from a variety of sources.  Heck, a large chunk of them still believes, we have found weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.  SCARY !!!

While we can blame people for their decision to remain uninformed and ignorant, we also have to realize that it’s the


who are really at fault here.  They are the instigators.  They know darn well what they are doing.  Doing it for entertainment value, ratings, or for million dollar salaries–the bottom line is the same–you knowingly spread lies, misinformation and hatred, thereby inciting violence.  And you certainly can’t wash the blood off your hands when one of the crazies listening to your constant hateful diatribes, goes out and commits violent acts… as happened before…

Now my question is…


There’s a very special place reserved for people like you….


  1. LM said

    Fox news viewers are well documented as being a few IQ points short, but I think you have to give them credit where it is due. Obama could very easily silence the birth certificate issue by producing the original, and he hasn’t. This doesn’t mean he isn’t a citizen (I’m 99.999% sure he is), but it almost certainly means he’s hiding something. Ignoring this fact is just going to make you look as dim as them. And pretending that anyone protesting is a “birther” who just want to prove he was born in Kenya is simple bigotry.

    I voted for the guy in the general election…was their any choice? But we as a country got ourselves into this mess my choosing not to vet the candidate, and no we have to live with it.

  2. @ LM: Thank you so much for your comment. I see, we’re in agreement on FOX “NEWS” and its viewers… 🙂

    In reference to President Obama’s birth certificate: I devoted an entire blog post to the “Birther” movement and debunked it with the facts which are available to anybody who does a little research. If you’re interested, you can read about it

    ‘Barack Obama and the Nutty ‘Birthers’ ‘

    In short summary… Hawaiian authorities, including the Director of Public Health and the Republican Governor have issued statements that the Hawaiian birth certificate of Barack Obama is a legal document and is stored in its original form. Two local newspapers carried a birth announcement a few days after he was born. So, anybody who clings to conspiracy theories despite all these well documented facts, may just have their own motives to do so. As mentioned above, I touch on those motives in that particular blog post, as well as in another, titled

    ‘Memo to Miss Betty.’

    But I do want to thank you for your comment and your interest. Hopefully I have helped clear up some of the confusion… 🙂

    Wishing you a beautiful day!


  3. AF said

    Why do we do this? Why do we ask daft questions like that about politicians? “Is his birth certificate in order?” or “Did he (she) sleep with this or that person?” or “Has she had a boob job/face-lift/tummy-tuck/whatever?” or “What are his/her sexual preferences?” or “There is still the question of the unreturned school book. What happened to it?”

    I mean: Pleeeeease! There’s only ONE f***ing question! CAN HE/SHE DO THE JOB?!!!!

    From all I’ve heard, Fox “News” has to be the biggest load of sh*t on this planet – and that’s saying something big indeed!

  4. @AF: You know, I’m in complete agreement with your statement, choice of language and all… lol…lol…

    Have a beautiful day!


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