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Thank You, Karl Rove! :-)



On behalf of millions of my fellow citizens, I want to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for a job well done and a  ‘Mission Accomplished.’

As everybody knows, and as it has been proven again and again in history, we Democrats are too unorganized, undisciplined, not scrupulous enough (…you name it…) to have been able to do what you almost single-handedly accomplished in just a few years.  You were absolutely correct at the outset of Bush’s presidency, when you said you will be able to create a permanent Republican majority for decades to come.  Funny thing happened on the way, though, …’ve created a permanent majority, alright, but it’s a permanent Democratic majority!  Thanks to your disastrous policies, mean-spiritedness, divisiveness and incompetence, leading this country into absolute chaos, you have become every Liberal’s hero.  We couldn’t have done it better ourselves.  The Republican Party should consider suing you for malfeasance ….. Just a thought ….. Not that we particularly care.

Karl Rove, aka  ‘Bush’s Brain’

You were the  ‘Brain’  behind the 43rd President of these United States, George W. Bush, who will go down in history as one of the most incompetent and worst presidents ever, opening the way for a competent, intelligent, inclusive, first black president who will lead us out of the ditch we find ourselves in, thanks to you.

The Democratic Party sends a special Thank You message.  They are very grateful to you for making this once 50/50 nation into a majority Democratic one.  The Republican Party, on the other hand, has become a regional party, located in the South, and even there, the Democrats have made inroads under Obama’s leadership (see Virginia and North Carolina).  The rest of the country is mainly lost territory for the Republicans and the trend with demographic shifts will favor the Democrats even more in the years to come.

As far as policies, even people who usually are not fond of government, are now calling for more government regulations and oversight (funny thing, how people change their minds when they lose jobs, health care, homes, money and dignity …..).  And here is a little prediction:  If and when we will get anything close to Universal Health Care in this country and with that follow other industrialized nations, the Republicans will find themselves in the political wilderness for an even longer time.  And I believe we will see steps in that direction pretty soon.

All that’s left for me to do is to say

Thanks, Karl ….. For a   MISSION  ACCOMPLISHED !!!

From a grateful Nation!

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Barack Obama Vs. Some Annoyed Liberals


I’m getting a little annoyed myself, but it’s directed at some of my fellow Liberals.  For a few weeks now I’m sitting here in absolute amazement listening to the very Liberals who not only supported Barack Obama during the primaries and the general election, but were telling everybody who dared to question his strategy, to just rely on his good judgment, as he had been right on almost everything so far, not only on the issues, but also in reference to his brilliant strategy, as we know.

How then can those very same people now question Barack’s judgment when it comes to some of his cabinet appointments?  Some call them too centrist, too right of center, not liberal enough, not enough ‘change,’ and on and on and on.

While I am a proud Liberal, I am also a realist.  I understand that Barack Obama will face a tremendous challenge when he takes officially over on 01/20/2009 (heck, I think everybody wishes he would be in charge already).  Because of that challenge, he surrounded himself with people who are not only bright and capable, but people that he will feel comfortable working with and who represent a cross section of America; people who will be acceptable to most Americans, even if they didn’t vote for him.  Don’t you remember one of the leading themes during the campaign, and still true today, wanting to unite this country which has been divided for so long?  I think he’s off to a good start doing  just that.  So, with that in mind, we should give him the benefit of doubt.  I have a good feeling that he knows exactly what he is doing.


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Obama 1, Al-Qaeda 0

images112                    images

So, the other day the world was subjected to another PR offensive by Al-Qaeda’s #2, trying to influence impressionable people in the Muslim world with their twisted ideology, yet again.  Only this time, the lead character of Al-Qaeda’s nemesis has changed and listening to #2’s diatribe, that seems to cause them a little heartburn.

Trying to convince others that America, where a black man with the name Barack Hussein Obama who looks like much of the rest of the world, was just overwhelmingly elected, is this terrible place that needs to be defeated, all of a sudden has become a lot more difficult and just doesn’t jive anymore.  And they know it.  The insults thrown at Obama, from calling him a ‘House Negro’ to show casing him as an agent of Jews, clearly show that they feel they are losing the PR battle.

America’s face to the world changed in a very dramatic fashion on election day.  And something quite remarkable happened.  The fifteen-year-old Muslim teenager in Pakistan all of a sudden realized that if America can elect Barack Obama, it can’t be so bad after all.  And with the coming changes of policies and attitudes toward the rest of the world, that new positive feeling will only intensify and America will once again become the beacon of hope for so many around the world.

Now, does that mean that we won’t face any more threats from the likes of Al-Qaeda?  Certainly not.  When animals are cornered, they are usually the most dangerous, and there may well be an effort to reassert themselves, but one thing is already clear:  They are losing the grip on power over certain segments of society in the Muslim world and with that they will have problems recruiting new members and may well face a backlash from the very people they have been popular with up until now.

I never liked the term ‘War on terror.’  I’d much prefer ‘Fighting terrorism,’ as it is a tactic and in my mind can only be defeated by a combination of good intelligence and police work, some limited military action when necessary, and the changing of hearts and minds in the process.  However, if this current trend is continuing, we’ll be well on our way to destroying the very network that has brought so much pain and despair to the entire world and Al-Qaeda (The Base) won’t have a base to recruit from anymore.  And this may just become one of the most important accomplishments of Barack Obama’s presidency.

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The Merchants Of Hate Are Dead !!!

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Well, you ought to think that the right-wing hate machine would stop for at least a second, reflect on the election, do some soul searching, and find ways to get the Republican party eventually out of the wilderness.  But no, disregarding the entirety of Bush’s presidency, they blamed everything that went wrong over the past eight years up to November 3rd (and the list is long, and there’s still time left …..) on, you guessed it, Bill Clinton.  And with the election victory by Barack Obama, starting on November 4th, they have already started blaming him for everything going wrong from now on, before he’s even sworn in.

And without letting themselves being interrupted by inconvenient facts like the complete failure of Republican policies, Bush’s incompetence, and the resulting disastrous situation the country finds itself in, they have focused their hateful rhetoric on Barack Obama.  Okay, let me lay it out for you in simple terms:


….. Your negativity, fear-mongering and hateful diatribes have been completely rejected.  Nobody else, besides your fringe right-wing nutjob supporters, is interested in listening to your BS.  The problems we are facing are just too enormous to mess around right now.  We have to pull together to find common sense solutions and all you try to do is continue to divide us.

Here’s the bottom line:  Until Barack Obama lies us into an unnecessary war, tramples on the constitution, condones torture, crashes the economy, doesn’t respond adequately to natural disasters (….. and on and on and on — the list is endless …..), we don’t want to hear from you.  It’s one thing to be the loyal opposition but that’s not what you’re interested in.  You’re just out to ‘divide and conquer’ with your fear-mongering and hatred.


And here’s a reality check for you:  Barack Obama had the highest pre-election favorability of any presidential candidate since that question was asked in 1992 at 62%.  His favorability right now, a few days after the election is at 72%, and 65% believe the country will be better off four years from now and that he will be very successful.  So, I guess you’re not as powerful as you think you are.  So sorry!


We know it’s killing you.   🙂 ….. And that’s a good thing!!!

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Message From WORLD: ‘We Are All Obamas Now!’

‘Voters said no to incompetence and divisiveness and elbowed their way past the blight of racism that has been such a barrier to progress for so long.  Barack Obama won the state of North Carolina, for crying out loud.  The nation deserves to take a bow.  This is not the same place it used to be.’ — Bob Herbert, Columnist

By illustrator Patrick Moberg, as seen on 

‘Obviously, a lot of shelter dogs are mutts, like me.’   🙂  —  Barack Obama discussing which dog to get for his two girls.

Don’t you also feel the calm that has set in since election day?  A lot of people seem to have smiles on their faces, no matter how bad their personal situation is, because now there’s hope.  Or as Jon Stewart joked on the ‘Daily Show:’  ‘People walking around in New York, smiling and trying to make eye contact, are making me nervous.’   🙂

By now, most everybody here has probably seen the expressions of joy at Obama’s victory from people all over the world and realized that most everybody in other countries hoped for an Obama victory as well.  Everybody just wants America to return to the promise of being a beacon of hope again.

The following is very personal anecdotal evidence of how things have started to change in an instant on election night.  My friend M. has been traveling to Europe for business pretty frequently over the past decade or so and found himself overseas on election day as well (of course he voted early   🙂 ).  I remember him telling me of situations after Bush got elected in 2000 and even worse, after he got re-elected in 2004, where he found himself being questioned by people overseas like this ‘How in the world could America have elected such an idiot?’  M., after trying to explain that about half of America, including himself, did not vote for Bush, finally gave up, frankly, because he was tired of trying to explain the unexplainable. So he took the easy way out most of the time and answered when asked whether he was American ‘No, I’m Canadian,’ and with that avoiding heated discussions.

Now, M. was of course aware that most all of Europe, as the rest of the world, was wishing for an Obama victory and he told me of amazing scenes where Europeans celebrated Obama’s victory as much as people did in the streets of America.  What really impressed him, though, were his personal experiences.  He told me about the woman behind the counter in a little bakery, who after he took a chance when asked whether he was American by saying ‘Yes, I am.  And proud of it today!’ coming around to him, embracing him, and giving him a kiss on his forehead with the words ‘We’re so proud of you and Obama!’  And he mentioned quite a few instances like that and ended his email with this


….. Ditto!   🙂

Over the past few days I have read numerous stories like that from Americans overseas and have seen people from all continents, with very diverse backgrounds and faiths, being overjoyed by what has happened in America and we all should be very proud!

You know what was missing?  I didn’t see anybody burning American flags anywhere ….. And that’s a good thing!   🙂


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Sarah Palin: An Even Bigger Moron Than We Thought?

Moron? — You betcha! Also.

So, I was driving through a pretty much Republican neighborhood with McCain/Palin yard signs left and right when I drove by one that at first looked the same as the others, but then I almost hit my breaks, and thought I didn’t see right.  Don’t you know, they had cut in half a regular McCain yard sign and put the bottom (PALIN) half on top and stapled it together somehow.


I thought ‘You’ve got to be kidding me!’  Well, by that time I had passed the house I was looking for, so I ended up turning around by pulling into their driveway and looked straight at the back of their minivan sporting a hateful religious bumper sticker.  I guess for the ‘Religious Right’ it was always Palin/McCain, once he picked her.  Sarah is just one of them.  I can imagine droves of them now praying for the souls of the misguided Obama supporters.


….. Because that woman could have been within one inch of the presidency.  As we already know and has been documented extensively, she is completely unqualified for the position she was seeking and Thank God, a lot of people not only expressed that openly, but also took it under consideration when voting.  But that a person who lacks basic understanding of civics, geography, history, ….. Heck, everything, can even come close to the presidency, is truly unbelievable.

Now, of course, as with every losing campaign, we see a lot of finger pointing and it will be an ongoing soap opera for a while.  Among the stories coming out now, which had been kept under wraps until after the election, just a few examples that tell you everything you need to know about her ‘intellectual curiosity.’

Evidently, she was not aware that Africa is a continent but thought it was a country, and didn’t know the countries belonging to North America (Canada, US, Mexico), which are signatories to NAFTA (a major campaign issue).

Further, it was leaked that the $150,000 hockey mom actually ended up spending thousands more than we already knew about.  One angry McCain aide’s characterization:


At this point, most everybody (besides the ‘Religious Right’) just wants her to disappear and not come back.  Sorry, lady, you only get one chance to make a first impression.  And frankly, we’re not impressed.

Of course, the much larger point reflects on the total recklessness of the McCain campaign and the candidate himself for picking this complete farce of a VP candidate, obviously without vetting her.  For somebody whose motto was ‘Country First,’ he certainly didn’t do it when he picked her.  Quite a scary situation, really, if you think about it!

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Boy, Will I miss Bush! :-)



German paper ‘Hamburger Morgenpost’ celebrating Obama’s victory with this headline:

‘Bye-bye, Bush!  The end of insanity.
Starting today, there will be hope again in America —
And the world breathes a sigh of relief.’

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Sorry, I Don’t Do Republicans!

So, how about this little post-election humorous anecdote?  As I was sitting at a stop light, I noticed that the guy in the car in front of me was trying to flirt, looking back and forth between his rear view and side mirrors.  After not getting the response he was looking for, don’t you know, he got out of his car, came over to me and motioned for me to open my window which I did.  As the light was about to change, he just handed me his card and told me ‘Call me, I would love to take you out to dinner!’  You can imagine that I was a little surprised by that and without thinking too much, I took his card.  He was about to return back to his car, when I noticed this little sticker on his bumper, staring right at me:


And, of course, there was only one possible answer for me:


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No Words Necessary :-)

As seen on     🙂

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Colin Powell Is ‘Palling Around’ With Barack Obama!

‘Barack Obama is ‘palling around’ with terrorists!’ — Sarah Palin


Now we have one of the most distinguished military figures and admired statesmen, Colin Powell, and one of the best financial wizards, Warren Buffett, both endorsing Barack Obama and answering John McCain’s and Sarah Palin’s burning question ‘Who is Barack Obama?’ with a resounding ‘The man we think should be the next president!’


And what a powerful endorsement it was!  He made the best case to date for an Obama presidency and clearly left no doubt about how disgusted he is with the state of today’s Republican party and by extension the McCain campaign.  Even though he offered kind words for McCain himself, he offered a scathing indictment of his negative campaign focusing on narrow and unimportant issues (Bill Ayers) and therefore narrowing the party; McCain’s lack of judgment in picking Sarah Palin as VP, calling her completely unqualified to be vice president or president; the sharp turn of the Republican party to the extreme right; his anxiety about two more conservative judges on the Supreme Court; and the ugliness of trying to divide this country, yet again.


I think the most powerful part came (and everybody should take notice), when he talked about the smears against Barack Obama, especially calling him a ‘Muslim’ and therefore implying that ‘Muslim = Terrorist.’  In Powell’s words, the correct answer would be ‘He’s not a Muslim.  He’s a Christian.  The right answer, however, should be ‘What if he was a Muslim?’ ‘  And then he described a photo of a mother grieving at her son’s headstone at Arlington Cemetery.  Her son, just twenty years old, died in Iraq, and above his Muslim name was the crescent with the star, and he was an American, born in New Jersey, dying for his country.  I was sitting there with tears in my eyes listening to him.


And his case for an Obama presidency was equally as eloquent as his critique of the McCain campaign and the Republican party as a whole.  Colin Powell believes that Barack Obama possesses the style and substance to be a transformational figure and an exceptional president who will surround himself with great minds and capable people to tackle the mess this country will be in when he takes office.  He praised Obama’s choice of VP who he said is ready to be president and spoke in very admiring terms about a man who has not only inspired people but has broadened his appeal across party, racial and generational lines.  He also mentioned that Obama will present a completely different picture of America to the world as well, frankly, an America that the rest of the world admires, is desperately waiting for, and wants to see taking global leadership again.  You could just see in his eyes and hear in his voice that the current bad image of America around the world is very bothersome to this great statesman, as it should be to all of us.


Message to Sarah:  Go ahead, accuse General Colin Powell of being unpatriotic as well!  

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