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Sarah And Joe: The Poster Children Of The GOP

‘Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.’ — Abraham Lincoln

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….. Of the ‘Know-Nothing, Nutjob, Racist, Ignorant, Religious-Right, Extremist’ wing of the Republican Party.  After  getting only a short break in the aftermath of the election not being bombarded with them on TV, here they are back again, making ‘news.’

Sarah, Sweetheart, grow up and take responsibility for your own ignorance and inaptitude instead of whining and blaming others.  Everybody knows by now that you were completely unqualified for the position you were seeking and actually quite scary with your extremist views.  It didn’t have to take the media to point that out, you did a pretty good job yourself.

And Joe The Plumber ….. What can be said about you that hasn’t been pointed out already?  Just like Sarah, you have become a comic character.  When I heard that the conservative website ‘Pajamas News’ hired you as a ‘War Correspondent’ going to Israel, I laughed so hard, almost fell off my chair.

But it was nothing compared to the nonsense coming from you, yet again, when being interviewed about it.  Among other things, you obviously don’t feel in danger when you’re in the middle of an escalating conflict because you, as a Christian, have ‘special protection’ from GOD.  I urge you to make that statement repeatedly in the middle of Jewish and Muslim people while you’re over there, I’m sure they’ll appreciate speaking with somebody with ‘special protection.’  I mean, you can’t make this stuff up!  If it wasn’t so sad, it would be comical!

The ‘Religious and Loony Right’ has finally found their perfect poster children:  Sarah and Joe.  At this point I’m thinking, maybe I should suffer a little seeing them on TV, hopefully for a long time to come, out of pure self-interest.  The ‘Know-Nothing’ wing will feel empowered and make it very difficult for the normal Conservatives to rebuild a shattered party.

And that’s a good thing ….. It will ensure Democratic victories for a long time to come …..

So, keep it up, Sarah and Joe!

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The Merchants Of Hate Are Dead !!!

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Well, you ought to think that the right-wing hate machine would stop for at least a second, reflect on the election, do some soul searching, and find ways to get the Republican party eventually out of the wilderness.  But no, disregarding the entirety of Bush’s presidency, they blamed everything that went wrong over the past eight years up to November 3rd (and the list is long, and there’s still time left …..) on, you guessed it, Bill Clinton.  And with the election victory by Barack Obama, starting on November 4th, they have already started blaming him for everything going wrong from now on, before he’s even sworn in.

And without letting themselves being interrupted by inconvenient facts like the complete failure of Republican policies, Bush’s incompetence, and the resulting disastrous situation the country finds itself in, they have focused their hateful rhetoric on Barack Obama.  Okay, let me lay it out for you in simple terms:


….. Your negativity, fear-mongering and hateful diatribes have been completely rejected.  Nobody else, besides your fringe right-wing nutjob supporters, is interested in listening to your BS.  The problems we are facing are just too enormous to mess around right now.  We have to pull together to find common sense solutions and all you try to do is continue to divide us.

Here’s the bottom line:  Until Barack Obama lies us into an unnecessary war, tramples on the constitution, condones torture, crashes the economy, doesn’t respond adequately to natural disasters (….. and on and on and on — the list is endless …..), we don’t want to hear from you.  It’s one thing to be the loyal opposition but that’s not what you’re interested in.  You’re just out to ‘divide and conquer’ with your fear-mongering and hatred.


And here’s a reality check for you:  Barack Obama had the highest pre-election favorability of any presidential candidate since that question was asked in 1992 at 62%.  His favorability right now, a few days after the election is at 72%, and 65% believe the country will be better off four years from now and that he will be very successful.  So, I guess you’re not as powerful as you think you are.  So sorry!


We know it’s killing you.   🙂 ….. And that’s a good thing!!!

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Message From WORLD: ‘We Are All Obamas Now!’

‘Voters said no to incompetence and divisiveness and elbowed their way past the blight of racism that has been such a barrier to progress for so long.  Barack Obama won the state of North Carolina, for crying out loud.  The nation deserves to take a bow.  This is not the same place it used to be.’ — Bob Herbert, Columnist

By illustrator Patrick Moberg, as seen on 

‘Obviously, a lot of shelter dogs are mutts, like me.’   🙂  —  Barack Obama discussing which dog to get for his two girls.

Don’t you also feel the calm that has set in since election day?  A lot of people seem to have smiles on their faces, no matter how bad their personal situation is, because now there’s hope.  Or as Jon Stewart joked on the ‘Daily Show:’  ‘People walking around in New York, smiling and trying to make eye contact, are making me nervous.’   🙂

By now, most everybody here has probably seen the expressions of joy at Obama’s victory from people all over the world and realized that most everybody in other countries hoped for an Obama victory as well.  Everybody just wants America to return to the promise of being a beacon of hope again.

The following is very personal anecdotal evidence of how things have started to change in an instant on election night.  My friend M. has been traveling to Europe for business pretty frequently over the past decade or so and found himself overseas on election day as well (of course he voted early   🙂 ).  I remember him telling me of situations after Bush got elected in 2000 and even worse, after he got re-elected in 2004, where he found himself being questioned by people overseas like this ‘How in the world could America have elected such an idiot?’  M., after trying to explain that about half of America, including himself, did not vote for Bush, finally gave up, frankly, because he was tired of trying to explain the unexplainable. So he took the easy way out most of the time and answered when asked whether he was American ‘No, I’m Canadian,’ and with that avoiding heated discussions.

Now, M. was of course aware that most all of Europe, as the rest of the world, was wishing for an Obama victory and he told me of amazing scenes where Europeans celebrated Obama’s victory as much as people did in the streets of America.  What really impressed him, though, were his personal experiences.  He told me about the woman behind the counter in a little bakery, who after he took a chance when asked whether he was American by saying ‘Yes, I am.  And proud of it today!’ coming around to him, embracing him, and giving him a kiss on his forehead with the words ‘We’re so proud of you and Obama!’  And he mentioned quite a few instances like that and ended his email with this


….. Ditto!   🙂

Over the past few days I have read numerous stories like that from Americans overseas and have seen people from all continents, with very diverse backgrounds and faiths, being overjoyed by what has happened in America and we all should be very proud!

You know what was missing?  I didn’t see anybody burning American flags anywhere ….. And that’s a good thing!   🙂


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Sarah Palin: An Even Bigger Moron Than We Thought?

Moron? — You betcha! Also.

So, I was driving through a pretty much Republican neighborhood with McCain/Palin yard signs left and right when I drove by one that at first looked the same as the others, but then I almost hit my breaks, and thought I didn’t see right.  Don’t you know, they had cut in half a regular McCain yard sign and put the bottom (PALIN) half on top and stapled it together somehow.


I thought ‘You’ve got to be kidding me!’  Well, by that time I had passed the house I was looking for, so I ended up turning around by pulling into their driveway and looked straight at the back of their minivan sporting a hateful religious bumper sticker.  I guess for the ‘Religious Right’ it was always Palin/McCain, once he picked her.  Sarah is just one of them.  I can imagine droves of them now praying for the souls of the misguided Obama supporters.


….. Because that woman could have been within one inch of the presidency.  As we already know and has been documented extensively, she is completely unqualified for the position she was seeking and Thank God, a lot of people not only expressed that openly, but also took it under consideration when voting.  But that a person who lacks basic understanding of civics, geography, history, ….. Heck, everything, can even come close to the presidency, is truly unbelievable.

Now, of course, as with every losing campaign, we see a lot of finger pointing and it will be an ongoing soap opera for a while.  Among the stories coming out now, which had been kept under wraps until after the election, just a few examples that tell you everything you need to know about her ‘intellectual curiosity.’

Evidently, she was not aware that Africa is a continent but thought it was a country, and didn’t know the countries belonging to North America (Canada, US, Mexico), which are signatories to NAFTA (a major campaign issue).

Further, it was leaked that the $150,000 hockey mom actually ended up spending thousands more than we already knew about.  One angry McCain aide’s characterization:


At this point, most everybody (besides the ‘Religious Right’) just wants her to disappear and not come back.  Sorry, lady, you only get one chance to make a first impression.  And frankly, we’re not impressed.

Of course, the much larger point reflects on the total recklessness of the McCain campaign and the candidate himself for picking this complete farce of a VP candidate, obviously without vetting her.  For somebody whose motto was ‘Country First,’ he certainly didn’t do it when he picked her.  Quite a scary situation, really, if you think about it!

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Boy, Will I miss Bush! :-)



German paper ‘Hamburger Morgenpost’ celebrating Obama’s victory with this headline:

‘Bye-bye, Bush!  The end of insanity.
Starting today, there will be hope again in America —
And the world breathes a sigh of relief.’

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Sorry, I Don’t Do Republicans!

So, how about this little post-election humorous anecdote?  As I was sitting at a stop light, I noticed that the guy in the car in front of me was trying to flirt, looking back and forth between his rear view and side mirrors.  After not getting the response he was looking for, don’t you know, he got out of his car, came over to me and motioned for me to open my window which I did.  As the light was about to change, he just handed me his card and told me ‘Call me, I would love to take you out to dinner!’  You can imagine that I was a little surprised by that and without thinking too much, I took his card.  He was about to return back to his car, when I noticed this little sticker on his bumper, staring right at me:


And, of course, there was only one possible answer for me:


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Drunk With Happiness: We’ve Made History!

Tuesday, November 4th, 2008 — A Day To Remember



….. Yes, in our lifetime!

In the battle for ‘America’s Soul’ we chose

HOPE over FEAR, UNITY over DIVISION, and the promise of CHANGE over the power of the STATUS QUO!

As I was sitting here with tears of pride and joy in my eyes when the election results came in, I could only imagine the emotions of especially older black people who remember the struggle, to now see the first black president in their lifetime.  Everybody, no matter how you voted, should feel very proud today!  We have chosen the person we think is the right man at the right time, not only for the US, but the world.  An inspirational leader with a first class temperament and intellect!

With this overwhelming win, the American people clearly gave Obama a broad mandate for his policy ideas, and by reaching out to Republicans, and working successfully with increased majorities of Democrats in the House and Senate, he will become the great transformational president he is poised to be.  We may actually enter an era similar to FDR’s with a realignment of the electorate for decades to come.

Message to the other side:  Stop the hate and appreciate the awesomeness of this historic moment.  And after deep soul-searching, please join us and let’s work together.  Barack will need all of us to support him in finding common sense solutions to the enormous problems we are facing.


It’s a beautiful day!  And we all can hope again for a better tomorrow.  Yes we can!


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No Words Necessary :-)

As seen on     🙂

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‘Rednecks’ For Obama !!!

So, it’s apparent that Obama seems to be making gains with groups that were a little reluctant to embrace him at first (white working-class, seniors, Jewish, etc.) and he is on target to garner the highest percentage of the ‘white vote’ of any Democratic presidential candidate since Jimmy Carter in 1976.  Quite amazing if you think about it!  After some anecdotal evidence, I think there’s one group that has been overlooked so far and should be included in his ever expanding base.

While driving through a ‘redneckish’ part of town, I looked at a homemade sign in somebody’s yard, right next to a pickup truck and instantly laughed out loud.  The sign?  ‘Rednecks For Obama.’  Naturally, it was homemade, because I don’t think there are pre-printed versions (like ‘Women For Obama’ or ‘Veterans For Obama’  🙂 ).  It seems to me that some members of the self-described ‘Rednecks’ just recently warmed up to Obama.  If the prospect of losing your job/health care/house tops racism in this election, I think we’ve already made a small step in the right direction.   🙂 

This little incident was compounded by a field report from two Obama volunteers I read about a few days ago.  When knocking on doors in the rural western part of Pennsylvania, they ran into this situation:  White older woman opens the door and after giving her some info about Obama, they asked her whether she already knew who she was voting for.  She turned around and yelled at her husband in the next room ‘Hey, who we gonna vote for?’  ‘We’re voting for the N***er!’  And she turned around, facing the two volunteers and repeated as cool as can be ‘You heard it, we’re voting for the N***er!’

Now, when I first read the story, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry about this (I guess a little of both  🙂 ).  It definitely made me go ‘Huh?’  But, as I said, we might take a few baby steps in the right direction with some people in this election and that might just be a foundation we can build on.

Of course, then there’s this:

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Sarah Palin: An Embarrassment To Women

“Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.” — Abraham Lincoln



Sarah Palin has turned out to be a complete embarrassment to women.  And John McCain has disqualified himself from holding the highest office in the land the moment he picked this complete farce of a VP nominee.  With this reckless act he has done more damage to the women’s cause than anybody else in recent history.  We all should feel especially sorry for Republican women.


Sarah, sweetheart, winking at the audience like a cocktail waitress does not make you a serious contender for the vice presidency.  I cannot even imagine a Hillary Clinton, Kay Bailey Hutchison or Olympia Snowe trying to wink themselves to being taken seriously.  We women have come too far and had to fight too hard to have you turn us back in an instant.  What in the world are you thinking?  And you call yourself a feminist?  I think not!  Your extreme and radical views on issue after issue stand opposite to everything most of us believe in.  We want to move forward, not backward!  It’s surprising that you don’t seem to be very interested in the world around you as your answers in your now infamous interviews indicate.  Besides memorized keyword answers, there was nothing usable coming from your mouth when asked on a subject you evidently did not prepare for, or when faced with a follow-up question.  And that includes such softball questions like ‘Which Supreme Court case do you disagree with?’ and ‘Which publications do you read?’  Come on, Sarah, not even the ‘Star’ at the checkout counter?  Sometimes your answers are borderline ridiculous.


As someone with a major in journalism and having been a sportscaster, it is interesting that you seem to have problems putting words in proper order, and between your general gibberish and the ‘you betcha,’ ‘doggone it’ and misplaced ‘also,’ I’m not sure whether this is all just an act to appeal to your favorite guy ‘Joe Six-Pack,’ or whether it is indeed another sign that there’s not much up there between your ears?  But even for people like myself, whose native language is something other than English, it’s actually quite embarrassing to see somebody on the national political stage who looks so doggone uneducated.  Also, it is ‘nuclear,’ not ‘nucular.’  We’ve had to deal with another idiot for eight years who also had problems with pronunciation and embarrassed himself and by extension all of us on a daily basis.  We just don’t want that anymore.  Believe it or not, we want a president and vice president who are just a little smarter than we are.  And you simply don’t fit the bill.  While appealing to a certain fragment of society, you turn off most everybody else, especially women, who, so we were told, you were supposed to attract to your ticket.


Sweetheart, when you accuse Barack Obama of hanging out with terrorists and having radical associates without any truth to either of these claims, why don’t you include your own and John McCain’s questionable and much more important associations?  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, let me help you out with a few suggestions.  When bringing up Rev. Wright, why don’t you mention your own pastor (Muthee) who is a witch doctor and has prayed over you to, among other things, protect you from witchcraft.  When mentioning Bill Ayers, why don’t you mention John McCain’s friendship with G. Gordon Liddy who is a convicted felon and was one of the main operatives during Watergate and made many quite outrageous statements over the years (‘If the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms insists upon a firefight, give them a firefight.  Just remember, they’re wearing flak jackets and you’re better off shooting for the head.’ – G. Gordon Liddy advising Branch Davidians how to defend themselves from ATF agents during a radio show.)  Domestic terrorist sympathizer?  Or how about John McCain sitting on the board of the ‘US Council for World Freedom’ for several years?  An organization which was linked to former Nazi collaborators and ultra-right-wing death squads in Central America, and a meeting place of unsavory characters, extremists, racists and anti-Semites?  Was John hanging out with radicals?


When calling Barack Obama unpatriotic, why don’t you explain your husband’s and your own relationship with the Alaskan Independence Party?  Your husband was a member for seven years and you sent a videotaped message to one of their meetings ‘Keep up the good work!’ as late as six months ago.  The ‘good work’ they are involved in and you apparently approve of is trying to secede from the United States.  Sarah, are you unpatriotic?  What about John McCain’s involvement in the ‘Keating Five’?  I’m sure many older people will remember that scandal very well because they lost a lot of money.


And while you’re at it, please let us know why you think the Iraq war is a task from God?  How do you know?  Has he told you that?  We know that George Bush has a direct line to God, because we read about it in Bob Woodward’s book ‘God told me to invade Iraq’ – George Bush.  So, were you on a conference call with George and God?  And if so, what else did he tell you?  Just checking.

Oh, I forgot:  MAVERICK.

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