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Will Smith, Meet Urkel ….. :-)

Barack Obama

Well, by all accounts, President Obama’s (Non) State of the Union Address has been received very positively across party lines.  I certainly liked it.  For once, I have a feeling that we listened to somebody who has an understanding of complex issues, and will tackle the enormous problems we are facing with common sense pragmatism.  That alone is refreshing.

The terrible state of our economy will present President Obama with an opportunity to push through major policies that are actually beneficial for the average person, not unlike FDR was able to do during a time of crisis.  And if his speech is any indication, we will see some major changes, from laying the ground work for some kind of Universal Health Care, to making major progress in the areas of energy independence and education reform, to bringing combat troops home from Iraq, etc.

With his overwhelming election victory and high approval ratings, he will have the wind in his back, and a lot of big things Democrats have been wanting to do for a long time, are all of a sudden on the table.  As the Republican Party with their spiritual leader Rush Limbaugh, are becoming more and more irrelevant, the public in the latest poll clearly stated that we want President Obama to lead on all issues, and the Republicans to work constructively with him and Democrats.  That of course hasn’t happened so far, and my suggestion to them is just this:  If you continue your ‘Just say no’ approach, you do it at your own peril, as we are very tired of it, and things are too bad out here to mess around right now.  We thought we sent you a message in the last election.  Just in case you didn’t get it, we will send it again in the next election…

Bobby Jindal

As for Gov. Jindal who gave the Republican response…  We’ve already heard enough criticism from each side, even most conservatives, so I will just let that stand.  But to suggest that the Federal Government in a time of crisis and people’s unease, and the private sector failing, has no role to play, when it is right now the only entity that can get this economy going again, is totally tone deaf.  So he was a perfect representative of today’s Republican Party…..  🙂


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