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Barack Obama Is One Cool Dude

Cool, Calm and Collected

My late father loved to watch Muhammad Ali’s fights which was sometimes challenging because they came on after midnight in Germany because of the time difference.  I just know that he would have loved to watch Barack Obama employ Ali’s famous ‘Rope-A-Dope’ strategy last night to emerge as the victor, yet again.

A few things clearly stood out in last night’s debate:  The split screen didn’t serve McCain well.  It showed his facial expressions of contempt, anger and frustration compared to Obama’s calm, confident and likable demeanor.  By employing the ‘Rope-A-Dope’ strategy, Obama clearly passed on several opportunities hitting McCain back after being confronted with some of his outrageous attacks, and chose just to set the record straight when he felt it necessary.  When asked about whether each candidate’s running mate was qualified, again, Obama passed on the opportunity to criticize Sarah Palin while McCain decided to attack Joe Biden.  I think that alone said a lot about each man’s character.

On a personal note:  I am so glad that the abortion issue came up and with it the implication of a change in the make-up of the Supreme Court.  ‘A woman’s Right To Choose’ is clearly at stake in this election and every ‘Pro-Choice’ woman who flirted with the idea of voting for McCain/Palin, needed to hear that.  I think one moment will be remembered by a lot of women, when McCain seemed to make light of the inclusion of the  ‘health of the mother’ when talking about the very rare procedure commonly called ‘Late-term abortion.’  He tried to paint Obama who opposes that procedure in general, but supports the exception of the health of the mother, as an extremist, and forgot to mention that this is the law of the land, upheld by the courts again and again.  As a woman especially and somebody who has a friend who had to make that very personal and difficult decision in consultation with her doctor and family, after being told that there was a high likelihood of not surviving if carrying her child to term, I was especially offended by that attitude and I have a feeling that it rubbed a lot of women the wrong way.

Bottom line:  The American people have decided that Barack Obama has passed the threshold to be Commander-In-Chief and we will be very comfortable with a man who has shown again and again that he has the temperament and intellect to be


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McCain Hiding Behind Two Skirts

Shameful and Disgusting

Well, John, now you’re hiding behind not one, but two skirts.  For some time we have seen folksy Sarah doing the dirty work for you by inciting hatred at your KKK rallies and now your wife Cindy is joining the ranks and you are just standing in the background smiling like a fool.


Cindy, darling, next time you accuse Barack Obama of voting to cut off funds for your son who is serving in Iraq, why don’t you mention that your husband, just two months prior, also voted against funding the troops.  The only difference:  Barack Obama cast his vote because that particular bill did not include a timeline for troop withdrawal and your husband cast his vote because that particular bill had a timeline for troop withdrawal.  We realize that little unimportant things like facts and truth don’t matter to the McCain/Palin campaign, but let me assure you, they matter to most everybody else.


Message to John:  Why don’t you go mano-a-mano with Barack during the final debate and show that you indeed have cojones (be it small ones), if you can bring yourself to look ‘THAT ONE’ in the eye and ask him directly why he is ‘palling around with terrorists’?  Maybe that way you can restore some of your manhood you have lost over the past few weeks.   🙂

By the way:  Is the Secret Service investigating the threats being made at the McCain/Palin KKK rallies?  Just checking.  



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McCain: ‘I Don’t Like ‘THAT ONE’, My Friends!’

As seen on:

So, finally John McCain got his town hall format he so much looked forward to and I think most everybody will agree, it worked very well ….. for Barack Obama.

John McCain did okay enough for himself (if you discount some of his answers), but he was no match, again, for a cool, calm and collected Barack Obama.  The contrast couldn’t have been more stark:  A steady, knowledgeable, likable guy on stage with a grumpy old man.


If I had the opportunity to ask McCain one question after the election, I would like to know the reason for his obvious disdain for Obama which showed when he wasn’t able to look at Obama once in the first debate, to being condescending to him in both, to not using Obama’s name once in this debate, but instead referring to him as ‘That One’.  Is this disdain for Obama rooted in not liking the idea to share the same stage with him, or is it deeper and personal?  As McCain often points out, he is not ‘Miss Congeniality’!  Well, it shows!  It was also telling that McCain left right after the debate while Obama and his wife interacted with the people for a long time afterwards.

Bottom line:  Again, everybody can be very reassured that Barack Obama has the temperament and intellect (and the ‘steady hand at the tiller’ McCain repeatedly referred to) to be president in these perilous times.


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The Statesman And The Student


For the second or third time now I had a feeling I was watching a student cramming for an exam and trying to fake her way through an oral exam or, as somebody else mentioned, a game show contestant.  Obviously, Sarah Palin masters reciting keywords and sentences that she memorized (gee, that should be a given for somebody who holds a degree in journalism and is a former sports caster), but, as her now two infamous interviews showed, when there were follow-up questions, she couldn’t answer those.  Unfortunately, the format of last night’s debate didn’t call for that (the McCain campaign realizing her weakness had negotiated for that).

What we saw was a sharp contrast between  a statesman and a student, a weird spectacle by any measure.  Biden was calm, steady and knowledgeable (“facts matter”), and didn’t let himself get bogged down in a confrontation with her, but went straight after John McCain, and it was interesting to see that he was more familiar with McCain’s record than she was as his running mate.  In her case, the sarcasm, mocking and folksy demeanor was a little misplaced.  It might have worked with the right wing base, just as McCain’s performance did, but certainly put off most everybody else, just like McCain did.  It clearly showed her not understanding the serious nature of the mess this country has been put in after eight years of Bush.  And no, I don’t think Americans want a “Joe Six-Pack” or a “Hockey Mom” in the White House at this time in history with so much at stake. 

As for substance:  She seemed to decide which questions were worthy of her answers and which ones weren’t.  When asked a question she didn’t like, she just went back to her talking points on energy and taxes which she seemed most comfortable with.  Two answers were a bit unsettling  (showing that she was prepped by the “Neocons” hanging around Bush and McCain).  Her assertion that the powers of the vice president should be expanded (yeah, that’s something we really need after the disastrous and dangerous VP Dick Cheney), and her statements about moving the American embassy to Jerusalem and with it putting in jeopardy every single progress that has been made in that region in recent years.

Much has been made of the “expectations game.”  I remember right before Bush’s first debate in 2000, the expectations for him were so low, that by saying “Hi, I’m George Bush,” he already exceeded them and we saw something similar with this VP debate.  After seeing how well the last eight years turned out, I think we don’t want to put another “barely exceeding low expectations” person in the White House.  As for her proclamation that she “won’t talk to the media but directly to the American people,” I guess we won’t see any more embarrassing Palin interviews which of course is bad news for Saturday Night Live.   🙂

Bottom line:  We can be very reassured by the steady hand, expertise and knowledge, and vision for America by Barack Obama and Joe Biden.  As for John McCain:  He has disqualified himself for the White House the moment he used incredibly bad judgment by putting the most unqualified person in history on the ticket in times as serious as these.  Between him exhibiting a condescending, small and angry demeanor in his debate, and Sarah Palin, showing sarcasm, lack of understanding of complex issues, and with her folksy way in mocking Joe Biden and Barack Obama seemingly not understanding the seriousness of these times:


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Senator McNasty, Meet President Obama!

Well, in the end McCain actually did show up for the debate after all that ridiculous noise leading up to it.  And when he did, it was a good thing ….. for Obama!

Okay, as for substance – Blah, blah, blah.  Most people who were already sure whom they will support prior to this debate, pretty much knew where both were on the issues and knew the fundamental differences between them (i.e. McCain = Bush, Obama = not), and people who were leaning towards one or were undecided, probably won’t remember exactly what was being said by whom.  What they will remember, though, is this


And that was Obama.  While both candidates certainly are able to handle the affairs as president (gosh, the bar is so low now after the past eight years), this first debate was probably the most important one for Obama as this election is all about him.  People who didn’t know much about him before wanted to see whether he is this naive, radical airhead who doesn’t know anything about anything as he had been portrayed by McNasty and Co., or somebody who is in full command of the issues and whose opinions are in line with where the population is at this point.  People wanted to see whether they can imagine him in the White House, being able to make rational, thoughtful, pragmatic and sometimes tough decisions for the benefit of the people, as Commander-in-Chief, and as a good representative of our country when meeting with foreign leaders (badly needed).  And on all those issues Obama by far exceeded expectations.  In addition, he overcame his perceived weaknesses by connecting with people, dropping his sometimes a bit professorial style by giving crisp answers that were easy to follow and to understand, and being just a very likable guy that people can feel comfortable with.


As for McCain:  Even though his Republican base was quite satisfied with him as he hit all the usual Republican stereotypes, I think most other people came away a little annoyed.  Condescending, angry and small, that’s how I would describe his demeanor and I have a feeling that it won’t sit well with people, and early results from focus groups underline that point.  When watching him, I almost had a feeling that he might be thinking “How dare this guy even stand on the same stage with me?”  It showed a lot of disrespect towards somebody who like himself, is a candidate for president, and in Obama’s case after a very hard fought primary season, running the best organized campaign in the history of politics, and at this point favored to become president.  So, I think a lot of people got ticked off by the lack of respect.  His constant use of “naive” and “you don’t understand” fail to have an impact when the other guy shows a complete command of the issues.  It would work better if you use those words with somebody where it actually applies, and I’m picking a name here at random ….. Sarah Palin.  In that case, everybody would be in agreement.


Much has been made about McCain not being able to look at Obama throughout the entire debate.  Now, while nobody can look into anybody’s soul, there can be two simple explanations for that.  1.  Some people who demonize others can only do so without looking at that person.  2.  It’s a sign of feeling inferior to the other person.  In reference to the second point, I read something very interesting from somebody who has studied behavior in monkeys (I’m not making this up).  According to him, lower ranking monkeys avoid eye contact with higher ranking, superior monkeys.  I thought that was an interesting little fact.  

Bottom line is this:  Watch a clip of an exchange between those two with the volume down and just look at demeanor and body language.  You don’t have to be an expert in that field to see that we will be making history big time this year with


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