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Fighting DICK Cheney’s War…..

In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex.  The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.’  —  President Dwight D. Eisenhower,  January 17, 1961

So, we’re sending another 30,000 troops to Afghanistan…

After much agonizing, President Obama picked what he perceives as the best of several bad options dealing with Afghanistan–one of many botched endeavors left for him to clean up–courtesy of the previous administration.

Is it the right decision to add more troops now, so we can pull out sooner?  We will find out in the next two years…  As the war in Afghanistan–in its eighth year–has shifted more and more to the border region between that country and Pakistan, and inside Pakistan itself, this troop increase sends a clear message to Pakistan, to crack down more seriously on the extremists who have found a new home there.

Unfortunately, poll after poll shows, that the Afghan people view us as occupiers, fighting against them.  Therefore, it is imperative, that with this troop increase, other measures are employed to change hearts and minds.  Something, the Obama administration is committed to do.

As for DICK Cheney…  He came out of his bunker on the eve of President Obama’s speech to attack him–in his very special way–basically accusing him, among other things, of treason…

Maybe it’s necessary to revisit recent history–about twenty years of it…

After supporting and supplying the Taliban and foreign fighters (Al-Qaeda), including Osama Bin Laden, with weapons in their decade-long fight against the Soviets, we made the decision to leave them to flourish in Afghanistan in 1991, under then Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney.  During the nineties, those same fighters turned their energy against the very people who supported them–us–leading to various attacks, culminating of course in 9/11.

After that attack, it was the right thing to do to go into Afghanistan, fighting the people who planned and executed it, and the people harboring them.  It was the wrong thing to do, to let Bin Laden escape when he was cornered in Tora Bora–intentionally–as a recently released report shows, in order to help justify the Iraq War.  It was also wrong to attack Iraq, a country that was not involved in 9/11.  So, we’re talking about three major decisions that were made for other than publicly stated reasons… and were fundamentally  WRONG.

The common denominator in all those decisions…  DICK Cheney

My suggestion is this…  Before opening your mouth again, and accusing a president, who is left with the daunting task of cleaning up your mess, with treason–why not revisiting the last twenty years that have led to this point?

You don’t have to look far… it’s right there… at your doorstep!!


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Waterboarding DICK Cheney …..

“If I waterboarded Dick Cheney, he would confess to murders.” — Former Navy SEAL and Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura

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I don’t know about you, but I have been sitting here in pure amazement, watching Dick Cheney giving his latest round of interviews  since coming out of his bunker about two weeks into the new Obama administration.  The purpose of his unprecedented media exposure?  Well, it certainly looks to me as if he preemptively wants to defend himself to charges of having ordered the torture of people or, as it is called in Cheney’s dictionary  ‘enhanced interrogation techniques.’

According to people who have been waterboarded, like Jesse Ventura as part of his Navy SEAL training, it is torture, because you experience the entire sensation of drowning, and if done incorrectly, you can actually die, even in practice sessions. In order for this torture to stop, people pretty much confess to anything they believe their torturers want to hear.  So, when the news came that several subjects had been waterboarded dozens of times, the logical conclusion can only be, that they up to that point hadn’t said and/or made up, what the torturers wanted to hear, i.e. a non-existing connection between Iraq and Al-Qaeda…  By the way, if you believe torture works and is effective, why then does somebody have to be waterboarded that many times without giving useful information?….  Just some food for thought…

Cheney’s assertion that torturing people has made us safer over the past seven and a half years, and now, that we stopped torturing people, America will be less safe, is borderline ridiculous.  First of all, it is worth mentioning that the worst terrorist attack on American soil with more than 3,000 people being killed, happened on Bush’s and Cheney’s watch, after disregarding warning signs and doing nothing in the summer prior to that event.  But leaving that little fact alone for a moment, I suggest that we have made more enemies by torturing and humiliating prisoners at Guantanamo and other locations, losing moral standing around the world, and most of all, by invading Iraq, a country not connected to 9/11.  So, by President Obama reversing all these horrible Bush/Cheney policies, there’s a good chance of us faring a lot better because we will have less enemies around the world.  Now, will there always be certain twisted people who wish America ill?  Yes, of course.  But it will be a lot more difficult for them to recruit people if America all of a sudden doesn’t look like this big demon anymore that has to be defeated.  Who knows, people in the Muslim world may actually end up taking care of the likes of Al-Qaeda themselves….

And for those chickenhawks like Dick Cheney, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, here’s an idea:  Waterboarding is torture; torture is illegal; and we have actually executed Japanese nationals after WWII who were found guilty of having participated in waterboarding and other methods of torture.  All of a sudden, Dick Cheney’s media tour, and his and his apologists’ insistence that waterboarding is not torture, makes so much sense, because if you follow that thought logically, the future may not look that rosy for people who participated in, or ordered torture…

Message to Dick Cheney and others who accuse those of us opposing torture as being terrorist appeasers:  After the first bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993, the Clinton Administration brought the terrorists to justice within the legal parameters of our justice system, and they are serving their well deserved sentences as we speak, and by the way, we didn’t have another terrorist attack on American soil for the remainder of the Clinton Administration, about seven and a half years, either.  In contrast to that, not one of the people who were held at Guantanamo and other locations, especially the ones that have been tortured, have been brought to justice.  I think Andrew Sullivan with the Atlantic said it best:

“I want every last one of these murderous medieval morons fought with every legitimate weapon we have and brought to justice.  But you know what?  They haven’t been brought to justice, have they?” — Andrew Sullivan, The Atlantic

….. And as for  DICK  Cheney, here’s a suggestion from former President Bill Clinton:  “Cheney should stick to target practice.”     🙂

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What A DICK !! :-)


I want you to imagine the following scenario for a moment:  Vice President Al Gore, during the transition period between the Clinton Administration and the incoming Bush Administration, after a very disputed  2000 Election, as we all so well remember  :-), going to one of our allies…..let me just pick one at random:  Israel…..and telling them while on a visit over there, that the incoming Bush Administration was pro-Palestinian and therefore wouldn’t be an honest broker and couldn’t be trusted, and that President Bush was not ready to play in the Major Leagues.  Don’t you also hear the chorus on the right wing, from Republican politicians, to FOX News, to Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter,  calling collectively for Al Gore’s head, and throwing around words like  ‘unpatriotic,’ ‘traitor,’ ‘treason,’ etc. ??

And with good reason, because such an action by any vice president, or president for that matter, is uncalled for, and certainly borders on treason….. Well, according to the latest investigative report by Seymour Hirsh, who writes for the New Yorker, and is somebody with excellent sources in high places and a great track record, that’s exactly what happened, just with a different cast and eight years later:  Dick Cheney is accused of doing that during the transition to the incoming Obama Administration, painting President Obama as being not ready for prime time and pro-Palestinian.  I think this is pretty much unprecedented in history and needs to be added to the ever growing list of crimes and misdemeanors by the Bush administration, all of which should certainly be investigated.  At this point, I think most Republicans just cringe when hearing an announcement of Dick Cheney being interviewed, and wish he and Bush would just disappear for a long time to come.

All I can say is….. What a  DICK  he is indeed !!….. For once, the name fits the person perfectly !!   🙂

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Republican Party — Irrelevant

Republican Party —
Full of C**P

Okay, I’ve come to the point now, where I’m losing a little patience, watching the sad Republican theater over the past few days.  It’s funny how things like spending enormous sums of money we didn’t have on ill advised tax cuts and an unnecessary war, and with it putting our nation in a horrible debt situation, didn’t quite matter that much over the past eight years.  Now, that President Obama is trying to stimulate the economy and with it creating badly needed jobs, we hear whining from the very same people who were defending tax cuts and expenditures in Iraq just a few months ago.  I have a word for that:  Hypocrites.  And I don’t know about you, but I’m allergic to them… Here’s my message to the more and more irrelevant Republican Party:


….. That’s right!  We voted for  CHANGE  and rejected the  STATUS QUO  and with it your tired old ideas!  So why don’t you work on rebuilding a badly shattered party instead of whining?  As of right now, your party is a regional one, mainly located in the South and even there, Democrats under the leadership of President Obama have made inroads.  But the rest of the country is pretty much lost territory, and it will be even worse with the demographic changes on the horizon.  If you don’t want to completely become irrelevant, show the people with your actions, that you want the best for the country, for once, by working constructively with Democrats and President Obama.


We are partly in this terrible situation because of you and the Bush administration screwing things up so badly…..


Special message to DICK Cheney who only took two weeks to now come out of his bunker criticizing President Obama:  Nobody wants to hear from you or Bush ever again, so go back to your bunker and lock the door.  When you warn about a fatal attack on the country while President Obama is in charge, you forgot to mention that 9/11 happened on your watch, and you were warned prior to the attack, and decided to do nothing.  Just some food for thought…  And in reference to you claiming a change in policies which includes getting rid of torture will cause such an attack, here’s an idea…  How about the brother of a guy who has been sitting in Guantanamo for five years and being tortured; or how about Al-Qaeda being able to reconstitute in the region between Pakistan and Afghanistan because you pulled out resources there; or how about the son from Iraq whose whole family has been killed…?  I think those are pretty good candidates to have ill feelings towards America…..


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