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‘Secrets of a Massage Therapist’ by Andy Vogt Book Trailer

Check out the book trailer for my new book… :-).
Lean back, relax…and enjoy!!

‘Secrets of a Massage Therapist’ by Andy Vogt is
available in paperback on and
anywhere books are sold, and in e-book format
on Amazon Kindle and Barnes&Noble Nook.
Also visit my website: 

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John McCain MIA On Letterman

“I’m more than a little disappointed by this behavior,” Letterman said.  “We’re suspending the campaign.  Suspending it because there’s an economic crisis, or because the poll numbers are sliding?  You don’t suspend your campaign,” he added.  “Do you suspend your campaign?  No, because that makes me think, well, you know, maybe there will be other things down the road – if he’s in the White House, he might just suspend being president.  I mean, we’ve got a guy like that now!”

David Letterman on John McCain suspending his campaign and canceling his appearance, September 24, 2008

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