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When Kids Get Angry, Upset Or Mad


Sometimes we forget that kids are dealing with stress and anger as well, especially in perilous and difficult times.  The following simple breathing exercise will help them with calming down (also great for parents).  Practice a few times with your kids until they feel comfortable doing it themselves and make sure it’s a positive experience for them without them feeling any pressure.  After finishing the little exercise, tell them how good you feel and see that they are also calm and positive and that their anger is gone.  The following is a general guideline on how to approach the issue with your kids: 

1.  Tell yourself:  Time out!
2.  Either sit up straight or stretch out on the floor on your back
3.  Put one hand on your chest and the other on your belly
4.  Take a deep breath, inhale through your nose
5.  Count to four
6.  Exhale through your mouth, counting to four
7.  The hand on your belly should move when breathing in and out and the one on
     your chest should move very little
8.  Repeat a few times until you feel calm

Whenever you see your kids getting mad, impatient or stressed out, remind them of this little exercise and how good they felt when doing it before!


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Childhood Obesity – A Growing National Health Problem


As childhood obesity has become an important health problem with more than nine million children over the age of six being obese, it is important to start promoting a healthy lifestyle by establishing healthy eating habits and physical activity as early as possible.  Kids who grow up with these habits usually keep them for a lifetime!


As kids emulate their parents’ behavior when it comes to eating habits and physical activity, make it a family affair!  Get your kids involved and, depending on their age, have them take ownership of some of the decisions, for example, which healthy food items to put on the shopping list, or which healthy snack to take for lunch the next day, and have them help with preparing healthy meals whenever possible.  The ‘Fit And Healthy Kids’ section of my website   provides you with a variety of suggestions.


A study by researchers from Yale University and the University of Hawaii found that obese children are not only suffering from health issues like high blood pressure, childhood diabetes and eating disorders, but are also on a psychological level more often subject to teasing, bullying and other types of abuse and are two to three times more likely to report suicidal thoughts.  The research shows that the stigmatization directed at obese children by other children, educators and others, even parents, is pervasive and unrelenting.  The report further compares the quality of life for kids who are obese to the quality of life of kids who have cancer.


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