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Bye Bye Bush!



The end of the world as we know it:  No more  ‘Bushisms’  🙂

For everybody who is already suffering from  ‘Bush Withdrawal’  :-), here’s a montage of David Letterman’s


Click on link below and  ENJOY!!!


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Bush In Bizarro World


Up is down, left is right, black is white ….. and George W. Bush is now officially residing in ‘Bizarro World.’   We certainly have seen many sad performances before, but Bush’s final press conference tops it all.

So, the lack of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, the prime reason for us invading the country, was a ‘disappointment’, not a mistake.  I assume the more than 4,200 dead soldiers, their families and the dead Iraqis are also very disappointed.

The ‘Mission Accomplished’ sign and rhetoric like ‘Bring it on’ were the two ‘mistakes’  Bush could cite, forgetting to mention the many, many, many things going wrong over the past eight years, some of them obvious mistakes, some incompetence, malfeasance, lack of compassion, ignorance.  Here’s a suggestion:  Why not calling your entire presidency a mistake?  Somebody should have asked this question ‘Name one thing that has improved since you came to office’ ….. (deer in the headlights look).  Let me help you out:  NOTHING!!! 

The most telling moment of this farce of a press conference came however, when being asked about what could have been done better with Katrina.  Oh, a thousand things come to mind instantly for any normal person, starting with the slow response causing people to suffer and die.  Even several years after this horrible event, this 43rd President of these United States still doesn’t seem to get it.  It was actually quite amazing that his answer was limited to whether to land ‘Air Force One’ in New Orleans or Baton Rouge and whether that would have interrupted the rescue mission.  What in the world is going on in this man’s head?  Anything?

Well, I guess, the country is in full support of his presidency, as we only have ‘very few critics’ speaking out, according to him.  These ‘very few critics’ amount to only about more than 70%.  I always wonder who the people are who still approve (in the low 20%).  That’s basically the hardcore Republican base, but you do wonder whether these people are so blind that they don’t see what’s going on?  Sometimes I catch myself pulling next to a car on the Interstate, still sporting a ‘Bush/Cheney’ sticker.  I just want to take a look at the person who, even though they might have voted for him, isn’t ashamed enough about what has happened to the country to have quietly taken it off by now.  🙂

So, we have to endure one more Bush TV event, his ‘Farewell Address.’  My suggestion:


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Thank You, Karl Rove! :-)



On behalf of millions of my fellow citizens, I want to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for a job well done and a  ‘Mission Accomplished.’

As everybody knows, and as it has been proven again and again in history, we Democrats are too unorganized, undisciplined, not scrupulous enough (…you name it…) to have been able to do what you almost single-handedly accomplished in just a few years.  You were absolutely correct at the outset of Bush’s presidency, when you said you will be able to create a permanent Republican majority for decades to come.  Funny thing happened on the way, though, …’ve created a permanent majority, alright, but it’s a permanent Democratic majority!  Thanks to your disastrous policies, mean-spiritedness, divisiveness and incompetence, leading this country into absolute chaos, you have become every Liberal’s hero.  We couldn’t have done it better ourselves.  The Republican Party should consider suing you for malfeasance ….. Just a thought ….. Not that we particularly care.

Karl Rove, aka  ‘Bush’s Brain’

You were the  ‘Brain’  behind the 43rd President of these United States, George W. Bush, who will go down in history as one of the most incompetent and worst presidents ever, opening the way for a competent, intelligent, inclusive, first black president who will lead us out of the ditch we find ourselves in, thanks to you.

The Democratic Party sends a special Thank You message.  They are very grateful to you for making this once 50/50 nation into a majority Democratic one.  The Republican Party, on the other hand, has become a regional party, located in the South, and even there, the Democrats have made inroads under Obama’s leadership (see Virginia and North Carolina).  The rest of the country is mainly lost territory for the Republicans and the trend with demographic shifts will favor the Democrats even more in the years to come.

As far as policies, even people who usually are not fond of government, are now calling for more government regulations and oversight (funny thing, how people change their minds when they lose jobs, health care, homes, money and dignity …..).  And here is a little prediction:  If and when we will get anything close to Universal Health Care in this country and with that follow other industrialized nations, the Republicans will find themselves in the political wilderness for an even longer time.  And I believe we will see steps in that direction pretty soon.

All that’s left for me to do is to say

Thanks, Karl ….. For a   MISSION  ACCOMPLISHED !!!

From a grateful Nation!

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Bush: The Buck Stops Over There

Harry Truman:       ‘The Buck Stops Here’
George W. Bush:     ‘The Buck Stops Over There’


While listening to George W. Bush’s interview with Charlie Gibson, his first in a series of interviews obviously intended to rewrite history, I couldn’t help but thinking that he sounded like an alcoholic or drug addict, blaming everything going wrong on others.  And, of course, that comparison is not far off, as we know.  It was really astonishing to listen to a man, the 43rd President of these United States, putting blame for all the well known failures of his failed presidency on everybody else but himself.  Am I missing something here?  What happened to ‘I’m the Decider!’ and ‘I’m the Commander-Guy!’ ?

Are we in the ‘Twilight Zone’?  He’s obviously counting on the American public’s well known short attention span.  But that short?  How in the world does he think we’ve already forgotten the mess he and his cronies have gotten us into, while we’re still in the middle of it?

No, George, the past eight years were pure hell for most people:  People who didn’t like the fact that they were lied into an unnecessary war; the dead soldiers, their families and Iraqi civilians; Katrina victims; people who lost their jobs, health care, homes, dignity, substantial amounts of money or their pensions; people who disapprove of torture and who care about civil liberties; people who are concerned about the hateful political climate in this country and the loss of respect around the world thanks to the undertakings of your administration; and on and on and on …..

Let me lay it out for you in simple terms:


At this point, most everybody just wants you to disappear to Crawford, TX, on a long vacation, until, let me just pick a date at random:  01/20/2009, which will mark the inauguration of Barack Obama who then will have to deal with the complete mess you have left this country in.  And please, take Cheney and your entire cabinet with you, so that you can’t mess up things even more.

And in reference to you not caring about what history will think about you and your presidency, because ‘we’ll all be dead then,’ let me assure you that your legacy will be carried forward from one generation to another and it won’t be forgotten.  You can be absolutely sure of that.  It will go like this:  Yes, grandson, we had the worst possible president during my lifetime.  Somebody who was totally unqualified to hold that office and who left the country in absolute chaos, so keep that in mind when you are old enough to vote!

COUNTDOWN  TO  01/20/2009 …..

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