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‘Rednecks’ For Obama !!!

So, it’s apparent that Obama seems to be making gains with groups that were a little reluctant to embrace him at first (white working-class, seniors, Jewish, etc.) and he is on target to garner the highest percentage of the ‘white vote’ of any Democratic presidential candidate since Jimmy Carter in 1976.  Quite amazing if you think about it!  After some anecdotal evidence, I think there’s one group that has been overlooked so far and should be included in his ever expanding base.

While driving through a ‘redneckish’ part of town, I looked at a homemade sign in somebody’s yard, right next to a pickup truck and instantly laughed out loud.  The sign?  ‘Rednecks For Obama.’  Naturally, it was homemade, because I don’t think there are pre-printed versions (like ‘Women For Obama’ or ‘Veterans For Obama’  🙂 ).  It seems to me that some members of the self-described ‘Rednecks’ just recently warmed up to Obama.  If the prospect of losing your job/health care/house tops racism in this election, I think we’ve already made a small step in the right direction.   🙂 

This little incident was compounded by a field report from two Obama volunteers I read about a few days ago.  When knocking on doors in the rural western part of Pennsylvania, they ran into this situation:  White older woman opens the door and after giving her some info about Obama, they asked her whether she already knew who she was voting for.  She turned around and yelled at her husband in the next room ‘Hey, who we gonna vote for?’  ‘We’re voting for the N***er!’  And she turned around, facing the two volunteers and repeated as cool as can be ‘You heard it, we’re voting for the N***er!’

Now, when I first read the story, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry about this (I guess a little of both  🙂 ).  It definitely made me go ‘Huh?’  But, as I said, we might take a few baby steps in the right direction with some people in this election and that might just be a foundation we can build on.

Of course, then there’s this:

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McCain’s ‘Obama Is An Arab’ – Lady

Gayle Quinnell, McCain supporter, volunteer and idiot

You look like a nice grandmother knitting sweaters for your grandchildren, but then I learned that you are mailing out smear letters for the McCain campaign and I saw you on national TV spewing hatred at one of McCain’s rallies in Minnesota, calling Barack an ‘Arab’ and even though McCain corrected your statement, you still called Barack a ‘Muslim Terrorist’ when interviewed after the rally.  How can a nice little old lady be so hateful?  I just have one message for you and your fellow McCain supporters who seem to have checked their brains at the door (and I’m trying to be as diplomatic as I possibly can):


Instead of just watching Fox News and listening to hateful diatribes from right-wing radio talk show hosts, why don’t you try to get information from a variety of sources?  There is absolutely no reason for anybody to be this uninformed with so many different news sources out there.  Maybe then you can start thinking for yourself and form your own opinion?  Believe me, that is actually possible.  After watching you and your fellow McCain supporters, I am just glad, and the polls seem to agree, that you belong to a dwindling breed.

As much as Gayle can claim ignorance, there’s just no excuse for the head of the Virginia GOP Jeffrey M. Frederick comparing Barack Obama to Osama Bin Laden.  Jeffrey, you ought to be ashamed of yourself!



He’s definitely black;
probably Muslim;
and maybe a terrorist. — Josh Marshall,






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My Ugly Confrontation With A McCain Supporter

“My statement was a reminder to all Americans that toxic language can lead to destructive behavior.” — Rep. John Lewis, Veteran of the Civil Rights Movement

In light of the recent events at the McCain/Palin KKK rallies, I decided to repost one of my blog entries which in retrospect is very telling of the character of some of the people we see at these rallies.  McCain and Palin with their hateful rhetoric are bringing to the forefront a hatred and racism that is bubbling right below the surface of some people as the following incident clearly demonstrates.  By the way, the entry is from July 22, well before the VP selection, the conventions, and the events of the past few weeks, just right after we knew that it would be a McCain/Obama match-up.  Here it is, word for word:


July 22, 2008


After having come to America from Germany in 1991 and making this city my home, every once in a while I am being reminded that you run into ignorance no matter where you choose to live.  One of those times was a few weeks ago when after a traffic altercation causing me to almost hit the guy cutting right in front of me, I ended up sitting next to him at the stop light that he got caught by only a few hundred yards down the road.  Isn’t it always like that?  Anyway, don’t ask me why I even looked over to him.  I guess I heard him yelling something.  And don’t ask me why I even rolled my window down.  I couldn’t exactly understand what he was yelling, so all I said was ‘I don’t know why you are yelling at me, you were the one almost causing the accident!’

Well, naturally, he picked up on my accent and yelled over ‘Why don’t you go back to Russia?’  Here also, I don’t know why I even corrected him, but after hearing ‘Germany,’ he started this hateful barrage at me including the three words he knew about Germany, two of them being ‘Heil Hitler’ and all kinds of obscenities, telling me how glad he was that America had destroyed Germany in the war and on and on and on.  I literally was completely speechless and just looked at him thinking that this guy certainly was a walking time bomb with all this hatred.  Anyway, at that point I had reached my daily limit of being subjected to ignorance and started to let my window up and just let him know that I was glad that he is not representative of his fellow Americans.  And I thought about an incident we just had a few days prior to that where a woman shot somebody after a traffic incident.  I looked at him and wondered about the irony if his ancestors had emigrated from Germany!

I had my window almost completely up when I heard him yelling ‘John McCain, John McCain!’  And then it was clear to me that my ‘Obama’ sticker most likely was the initial cause of his hateful diatribe.  Now I just hope that he is not representative of his fellow McCain supporters!


Naturally, looking at the racism and hatred incited by McCain/Palin and expressed by their supporters over the past few weeks, the hope stated in my last sentence was a bit optimistic.  Unfortunately, we all know now that this character indeed is representative of a large portion of his fellow McCain supporters.

Bottom line:  Barack Obama brings out the best in people.  John McCain brings out the worst in people.

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Desperately Seeking: Non-Crazy Conservatives!

“Sarah Palin represents a fatal cancer to the Republican party.” — David Brooks, conservative columnist in a speech decrying Palin’s anti-intellectualism and comparing her to Pres. Bush.
Stock Market on October 9, 2008 – Not a pretty picture


After several weeks of volatility in the financial markets, yesterday, October 9, 2008, represented another milestone with the DOW losing almost 700 points.  So naturally, there’s only one thing on everybody’s mind ….. yes, you guessed it ….. Bill Ayers!


Message to John and Sarah:  Besides your racist and nutjob supporters,


We are too busy trying to survive out here.  Listening to these two clowns, I’m sitting here asking myself:  Besides David Brooks and very few others,


If you don’t want to spend the next few years (or decades) after this election trying to rebuild a completely destroyed and decimated Republican party, the time to take a stand, show spine, and speak out is  NOW!  How in the world can you in good conscience sit on the sidelines and watch your party being taken over by racists, religious extremists and nutjobs?  And if you look deep down into your soul, aren’t you just a little ashamed to be associated with an erratic, grumpy old man and his looney sidekick inciting such a crazy mob?  I have a feeling that if you don’t speak out now, history will not be kind to you or the Republican party.

Not that we particularly care about your self-inflicted downfall.  We will be busy celebrating the more and more likely


You betcha!

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