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What A DICK !! :-)


I want you to imagine the following scenario for a moment:  Vice President Al Gore, during the transition period between the Clinton Administration and the incoming Bush Administration, after a very disputed  2000 Election, as we all so well remember  :-), going to one of our allies…..let me just pick one at random:  Israel…..and telling them while on a visit over there, that the incoming Bush Administration was pro-Palestinian and therefore wouldn’t be an honest broker and couldn’t be trusted, and that President Bush was not ready to play in the Major Leagues.  Don’t you also hear the chorus on the right wing, from Republican politicians, to FOX News, to Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter,  calling collectively for Al Gore’s head, and throwing around words like  ‘unpatriotic,’ ‘traitor,’ ‘treason,’ etc. ??

And with good reason, because such an action by any vice president, or president for that matter, is uncalled for, and certainly borders on treason….. Well, according to the latest investigative report by Seymour Hirsh, who writes for the New Yorker, and is somebody with excellent sources in high places and a great track record, that’s exactly what happened, just with a different cast and eight years later:  Dick Cheney is accused of doing that during the transition to the incoming Obama Administration, painting President Obama as being not ready for prime time and pro-Palestinian.  I think this is pretty much unprecedented in history and needs to be added to the ever growing list of crimes and misdemeanors by the Bush administration, all of which should certainly be investigated.  At this point, I think most Republicans just cringe when hearing an announcement of Dick Cheney being interviewed, and wish he and Bush would just disappear for a long time to come.

All I can say is….. What a  DICK  he is indeed !!….. For once, the name fits the person perfectly !!   🙂


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