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Find Your True Calling In Life

As I was reading an article about people who leave their stressful jobs and lives behind and find happiness and joy in more rewarding and less stressful careers, I couldn’t help but thinking back to one of my clients.  I remember exactly the very first massage appointment with Tom.  His neck was such a mess that he almost couldn’t move his head from one side to the other and he told me that he experienced regular horrible headaches.  While working on his tense muscles, I tried to figure out what might have caused his neck being in such bad shape.  And it only took a minute until we figured it out.  As a stock broker, he spent most of his day at the computer and on the phone at the same time.  So naturally, I asked him whether he had a headset which he said he did not.  So, whenever he was on the phone and computer at the same time (which was a lot), he was just basically holding the phone between his chin and neck.  As soon as he told me that, he realized himself that that was most likely the cause for his horrible neck condition.  Well, it only took a few weeks after he started using a headset until his neck was okay and the headache had disappeared.  While we were talking a little about his job, it was also obvious to me that he was under constant stress and didn’t seem to particularly like it.

It was only a few months later when he told me that he had decided to leave behind his stressful job and life and move away with his family to take on a teaching position, something he always wanted to do.  “I finally will be able to enjoy life!”  And I remember his smile and his sparkling eyes when saying that.  It was a big step because it would mean a lot less money, but judging from his new found happiness, that didn’t seem all that important.   🙂

I always thought that people who follow their passion and work in a job, have a business, or are in the creative field, reflecting their passion, are generally happy people.  If you would ask them about their work, they very likely will tell you that they don’t look at it as work because they like what they do and are passionate about it–And very often rewards follow.

Tom found his true calling in life and decided to make that transition.  And I was very happy to hear that he had no regrets and really enjoyed life to the fullest, probably for the first time.

Life Is Too Short–So Kiss Slowly,
Laugh Insanely, Love Truly,
And Live With Passion.


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Like A Virgin — Massaged For The Very First Time :-)

So, somebody thought it was a good idea to give you a gift certificate for a massage with the words “Oh, you’re just going to love it!”  Did they realize that you’re a “massage virgin?”  That you never had a massage before?  And that you’re actually quite anxious about the prospect of getting one?  Well, let me tell you:  You’re in for a treat.  Let me introduce you to


Getting a massage used to be reserved mainly for affluent people.  Over the past few years however, it has become more and more mainstream as people are learning about the benefits of massage and are interested in looking for alternatives in dealing with aches and pains and to get relief from stress.

Even though massage has risen in popularity in the United States, only a fraction of the US population ever experiences how wonderful it feels getting a massage.  Compare that with other parts of the world where massage and other alternative therapies are very common and even part of preventive health care, and you can see that there is room for growth.  Receiving a good therapeutic massage can do wonders for the body and soul.  Some people get regular massages to deal with everyday stress, manifesting itself often in tight neck and shoulder muscles.  Experts estimate that stress is a major contributor in more than eighty percent of health concerns.  There is also something to be said about the power of the human touch, and statistics have shown that when, for example, babies born prematurely were given gentle massages, they gained weight faster and were able to leave the hospital earlier.  After a massage, people feel generally positive, relaxed, even happy.

Massage is a perfect elixir for good health, but it can also provide an integration of body and mind.  By producing a meditative state or heightened awareness of living in the present moment, massage can provide emotional and spiritual balance, bringing with it true relaxation and peace.  The physical benefits of massage can range from improved circulation, release of endorphins (the body’s natural pain killer), decreased depression and anxiety, help with insomnia, lowering blood pressure, pain relief (like migraine or back pain), to helping heal injured muscles faster.

Here are a few helpful tips to make your first massage an enjoyable experience:  A good massage therapist will apply just the right amount of pressure to ensure you have a relaxing, yet at the same time effective massage.  However, feel free to let the therapist know to increase or decrease pressure for your maximum benefit.  You will notice that your body is covered up with a sheet and only the areas being worked on at any given time will be undraped.  Most therapists will us scented oil which can have a powerful effect on your mood, and depending on the scent, can make the massage either more relaxing or invigorating for you.  After receiving a massage you should always drink a lot of water to flush out toxins that have been released during the massage.  Especially after your first massage, you may feel a little soreness the next day, but don’t worry, if you do, it’s only temporary (don’t forget, your muscles basically got a little workout), and after the soreness disappears, you will feel very relaxed in the areas that were oh, so tight before (neck and shoulders come to mind especially).

All in all, if you’ve never had a massage, you should explore it.  There is a good possibility that you’ll actually get hooked.

On the lighter side, one comment that I get frequently from women “That felt better than having sex!”  When men comment, it’s usually “That felt almost as good as sex!”   🙂

Click on the following link to watch a funny little clip “Like A Virgin — Massaged For The Very First Time”   🙂

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